Forestry in Syria

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Pinus brutia woodland in the al-Ansariyah mountains

Forest resources in Syria are in need of study and conservation.[1][better source needed] The wooded area of the country is variously reported as approximately 190,000 hectares (1.0 percent)[1] or 450,000 hectares (2.4 percent).[2]

The principal woodland trees are Pinus brutia, the Turkish pine; Abies cilicica, the Cilician fir; Cedrus libani, the cedar of Lebanon; Cupressus sempervirens, the Mediterranean cypress; Pinus halepensis, the Aleppo pine; Quercus coccifera, the kermes oak; Quercus calliprinos, the Palestine oak; Quercus cerris sp. pseudocerris, the Turkey oak; Quercus infectoria; and Castanea sativa, the common chestnut.[1][2]

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