Francis Eugene Nipher

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Francis Eugene Nipher (born in Port Byron, New York, 10 December 1847; died 6 October 1926[1]) was a United States physicist.


He graduated in 1870 from Iowa State University, where he became assistant in physical science. In 1874, he was appointed professor of physics at Washington University in St. Louis. He organized the second state weather service, that of Missouri, in 1877, and for ten years it was maintained without official support. From 1878 until 1883, he conducted a magnetic survey of Missouri, doing the work under private auspices, and publishing the annual reports in the Transactions of the St. Louis Academy of Sciences. Nipher was a member of scientific societies, and in 1884 became president of the St. Louis Academy of Sciences.


His publications, including twenty-five papers on physics, were contributed to the American Journal of Science and to transactions of societies. He is also the author of Theory of Magnetic Measurements (New York, 1886).


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