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Francis Tresham is a United Kingdom-based board game designer who has been producing board games since the early 1970s. Tresham founded and ran games company Hartland Trefoil (founded 1971), a company well known for its Civilization board game, until its sale to MicroProse in 1997.[1] His 1829 game was the first of the 18xx board game series[2] and some of his board games have inspired Sid Meier computer games such as Railroad Tycoon.

Francis Tresham was the first to introduce a technology tree into his boardgames. This idea had a large influence on boardgames and computer games that were later produced.

He is currently managing director of Tresham Games, and is, as of 2009, still producing 18xx-style board games. In 2013, he was one of the first inductees in the UK Games Expo Hall of Fame.[3]

Published board games[edit]


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