Frankenstein's Aunt (novel)

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Frankenstein's Aunt
Brown edition 1980
AuthorAllan Rune Pettersson
Original titleFrankensteins faster
Publication date
Followed byFrankenstein's Aunt Returns 

Frankenstein's Aunt (Swedish: Frankensteins faster) is a novel by Allan Rune Pettersson that was first published in Sweden in 1978.


The book is about Hannah Frankenstein, the Baron's aunt, who comes to Frankenstein's Castle to put it back in order, following the chaos caused by her nephew's experiments. There she meets the unusual inhabitants of the castle, which, apart from Frankenstein's monster, also include Count Dracula and Larry Talbot the werewolf.


The book is a homage to the Universal Horror Frankenstein films of the 1930s and 1940s. Its title is an untranslatable pun; in Swedish, Frankenstein's mother's sister would be his "moster" whereas his father's sister is his "faster". So instead of Frankenstein's mo[n]ster we have his faster, which is not only a pun but an alliteration.


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