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This is a list of comic book sidekicks—defined as a character who spends a significant amount of time as a superhero's junior partner, or was officially acknowledged as the hero's sidekick for some period of time. (For the purposes of this list, it does not include animal companions like Krypto or Sandman's owls, or supervillain henchmen like The Joker's Harley Quinn.)


Sidekick Full name or Alter-ego Hero First appearance Year Notes
Aquagirl Tula Aquaman Aquaman (vol. 1) #33 (May–June 1967) 1967
Aquagirl II Lorena Marquez Aquaman Aquaman (vol. 6) #16 (May 2004) 2004
Aqualad Garth Aquaman Adventure Comics #269 (February 1960) 1960 Later becomes Tempest.
Aqualad II Jackson Hyde Aquaman Brightest Day #4 (June 2010) 2010
Bat-Girl Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane Batwoman Batman #139 (April 1961) 1961 Later becomes Flamebird, and then Hawkfire.
Batgirl II Barbara Gordon Batman Detective Comics #359 (January 1967) 1967 Later becomes Oracle.
Batgirl III Cassandra Cain Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #120 (August 1999)[1] 1999 Later becomes Black Bat.
Bluebird Harper Row Batman Batman #28 (February 2014) 2014
Snapper Carr Lucas Carr Justice League The Brave and the Bold #28 (February–March 1960) 1960
Dan the Dyna-Mite Daniel Dunbar TNT Star-Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942) 1942
Doiby Dickles Charles Dickles Green Lantern (Alan Scott) All-American Comics #27 (June 1941) 1941
Fatman Bob Daley Mister America Action Comics #1 (June 1938) 1938
Kid Devil Edward Alan Bloomberg Blue Devil Blue Devil #14 (July 1985)[2] 1985 Later becomes Red Devil.
Kid Flash Wally West Flash (Barry Allen) Flash (vol. 1) #110 (1959) 1959 Later becomes The Flash III.
Kid Flash II Bartholomew "Bart" Allen II Flash (Wally West) Teen Titans (vol. 3) #4 (December 2003)[3] 1994 Originally Impulse. Later becomes The Flash IV.
Kid Flash III Wally West II Flash (Barry Allen) Flash (vol. 4) Annual #3 (June 2014) 2014
Signal Duke Thomas Batman Batman (vol. 2) #21 (August 2013) 2016
Lieutenant Marvels Lt. Tall Marvel ("Tall" Billy Batson)
Lt. Fat Marvel ("Fat" Billy Batson)
Lt. Hill Marvel ("Hill" Billy Batson)
Captain Marvel (DC) Whiz Comics #21 (September 1941) 1941
Newsboy Legion Tommy Tompkins
Big Words
Guardian Star Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942) 1942
Jimmy Olsen James Bartholomew Olsen Superman Superman #13 (November–December 1941)[4] 1941
Pieface Thomas Kalmaku Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Green Lantern vol. 2, #2 (September–October 1960) 1960
Pinky the Whiz Kid "Pinky" Butler Mr. Scarlet Wow Comics #4 (Winter 1940–1941) 1940
Robin Dick Grayson Batman Detective Comics #38 (April 1940) 1940 Later becomes Nightwing, and then the new Batman. He also enters the organization Spyral with the name agent 37 after faking his death to the Crime Syndicate. Shortly after he returns to the mantle of Nightwing.
Robin III Carrie Kelley Batman Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 (February 1986) 1986 Non-canonical.
Robin II Jason Todd Batman Batman #357 (March 1983)[5] 1983 Dies in Batman #429 (January 1989); resurrected as the Red Hood in Batman #635 (December 2004).
Robin III Timothy Jackson Wayne (formerly Timothy Drake) Batman Batman #442 (December 1989)[6] 1989 Later becomes Red Robin.
Robin IV Stephanie Brown Batman Robin #126 (July 2004)[7] 2004 Originally Spoiler. Later becomes Batgirl IV.
Robin V Damian Wayne Batman Batman and Robin #1 (August 2009)[8] 2009 Is killed by an assassin sent by his mother (Talia Al Ghul). He is soon resurrected and returns to Robin.
Rocket Raquel Ervin Icon Icon #1 (May 1993) 1993
Pete Ross Peter Joseph Ross Superboy Superboy #86 (January 1961) 1961
Sandy the Golden Boy Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins Sandman (Wesley Dodds) Adventure Comics #69 (December 1941) 1941
Speedy Roy Harper Green Arrow Star-Spangled Comics #7 (April 1942) 1942 Later becomes Arsenal, and then Red Arrow.
Speedy II Mia Dearden Green Arrow Green Arrow (vol. 3) #44 (January 2005)[9] 2005
Stripesy Patrick "Pat" Dugan Star-Spangled Kid Action Comics #40 (September 1941). 1941 Unique in that he is the adult sidekick of a teenage superhero. Later becomes S.T.R.I.P.E.
Stuff the Chinatown Kid Jimmy Leong Vigilante Action Comics #45 (February 1942) 1942 Dies in World's Finest Comics #246 (August–September 1977).
Superboy Kon-El Superman Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993) 1993
Superboy II Jonathan "Jon" Kent Superman Convergence: Superman #2 (July 2015) 2015
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) Kara Danvers Superman Action Comics #252 (May 1959) 1959
Talon Dick Grayson Owlman Supergirl #12 (January 2007) 2007
Terra Atlee Power Girl Supergirl vol. 5 #12 (January 2007) 2007
Uncle Marvel Dudley H. Dudley Mary Marvel Wow Comics #18 (October 1943) 1943
Wing Wing How Crimson Avenger Detective Comics #20 (October 1938) 1938
Woozy Winks Wolfgang Winks Plastic Man Police Comics #13 (November 1942) 1942
Wonder Girl Donna Troy Wonder Woman The Brave and the Bold vol. 1 #60 (July 1965) 1965 Later becomes Troia.
Wonder Girl II Cassandra Sandsmark Wonder Woman Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #105 (January 1996) 1996
Squire Percy Sheldrake Shining Knight Young All-Stars #21 (January 1988) 1988 Later becomes Knight.
Squire II Cyril Sheldrake Knight (DC) Batman #62 (December 1950) 1950 Later becomes Knight II.
Squire III Beryl Hutchinson Knight (DC) JLA #26 (February 1999) 1999 Later becomes Knight III.

Marvel Comics[edit]

Sidekick Full name or Alter-ego Hero First appearance Year Notes
Alpha Andrew "Andy" Maguire Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1, #692 (October 2012) 2012
Bob Bob, Agent of HYDRA Deadpool Cable & Deadpool #38(May 2007) 2007
Bucky James Buchanan Barnes Captain America Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941) 1941 Later becomes Winter Soldier and then Captain America II.
Demolition Man Dennis Dunphy Captain America Captain America #328 (April 1987)[10] 1987
Dum Dum Dugan Timothy Aloysius Cadwallander Dugan Nick Fury Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1 (May 1963) 1963
Falcon Samuel Thomas "Sam" Wilson Captain America Captain America #117 (September 1969) 1969 Later becomes Captain America III
Free Spirit Cathy Webster Captain America Captain America #431 (September 1994) 1994
Jackdaw N.A. (Extra-dimensional Otherworld Elf) Captain Britain The Incredible Hulk Weekly #57 (April 1980) 1980 Dies in Mighty World of Marvel vol. 2, #10 (March 1994).
Jack Flag Jack Harrison Captain America Captain America #434 (December 1994) 1994
Jubilee Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee Wolverine Uncanny X-Men #244 (May 1989) 1989
Rick Jones Richard Milhouse Jones Hulk The Hulk #1 (May 1962) 1962 Later becomes sidekick to Captain America (1969) (briefly becoming Bucky II), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) (1971), Rom the Spaceknight (1985), and Captain Marvel (Genis) (1999).
Foggy Nelson Franklin P. Nelson Daredevil Daredevil vol. 1, #1 (April 1964) 1964
Jim Rhodes James Rupert Rhodes Iron Man Iron Man #118 (January 1979) 1979 Later temporarily becomes Iron Man II, then War Machine, then Iron Patriot
Sun Girl Mary Mitchell Human Torch (android) Sun Girl #1 (August 1948) 1948
Toro Thomas Raymond Human Torch (android) Human Torch Comics #2 (Fall 1940) 1940
Jim Wilson N.A. Hulk Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #131 (September 1970) 1970 Dies of AIDS in Incredible Hulk #420 (August 1994).
Wong Wong Doctor Strange Strange Tales #110 (July 1963) 1963

Golden Age, independent, and non-U.S. titles[edit]

Sidekick Full name or Alter-ego Hero First appearance Year Notes
Altar Boy Brian Thomas Kinney Confessor Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2, #5 (January 1997)[11] 1997 Later becomes The Confessor II.
Arthur the Moth Arthur Tick The Tick #4 (April 1989) 1989
Atomaid TK Atoman Top 10 #12 (October 2001) 2001 Member of the Young Sentinels; revealed that the Seven Sentinels are actually a pedophile ring and that the Young Sentinels are their victims.
Bert ? Dirkjan DirkJan
Bert Bibber Piet Pienter Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber 1951 The not-too-bright friend of Piet Pienter.
Bertje ? Kramikske Kramikske 1944 Kramikske's best friend and just like him a baker boy.
Bluejay TK Kingfisher Top 10 #12 (October 2001) 2001 Member of the Young Sentinels; revealed that the Seven Sentinels are actually a pedophile ring and that the Young Sentinels are their victims.
Blutch Sergeant Cornelius Chesterfield Les Tuniques Bleues 1968 The best friend of Chesterfield, though they often squabble and he doesn't share Chesterfield's patriotism nor belief in the military.[12]
Bravo ? Ruiz El Hombre Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2, #16 (March 1999) 1999
Bobje ? Bert Vanderslagmulders Bert 1991 Bert's humanoid dog.
Pé Bruyneel ? Bakelandt Bakelandt Good friend of Bakelandt.
Bo Bug ? Bucky Bug Bucky Bug 1932 A hobo with a high hat who is Bucky's best friend.[13]
Oliver B. Bumble ? Tom Poes Tom Poes 1941 A nobleman and Tom's best friend.
Buzzboy Tommy Paine Captain Ultra Buzzboy #1 (May 1988) 1988
Captain Haddock Archibald Haddock Tintin (character) The Crab with the Golden Claws 1941
Chippy TK Midnight Mink Brat Pack #1 (August 1990) 1990
Chippy II Cody Midnight Mink Brat Pack #1 (August 1990) 1990
Fantasio Spirou Spirou et Fantasio 1944 An impulsive reporter, who is Spirou's best friend.
Filiberke Jommeke Jommeke 1955 Jommeke's best friend.
Flupke ? Quick Quick and Flupke 1930 Best friend of Quick.
Java ? Martin Mystère Martin Mystère 1944 A Neanderthal Man, discovered by Martin Mystère and a frequent helping hand, due to his strength.
Jerom Lambik Suske en Wiske 1952 Good friend of Lambik, though they do have a love-hate relationship sometimes.
Davy Jones Jr. TK Davy Jones Top 10 #12 (October 2001) 2001 Member of the Young Sentinels; revealed that the Seven Sentinels are actually a pedophile ring and that the Young Sentinels are their victims.
Jughead Forsythe Pendleton Jones III Archie Pep Comics #22 (December 1941) 1941
Eva Kant N.A. Diabolik Diabolik #3 (March 3, 1963) 1963
Finch Lisa Flora Cecilia SanRosas Duck-Girl "Duck-Girl & Crane Animated!" (Dec 2011) 2011
Kato Hayashi Kato Green Hornet Green Hornet Comics #1 (December 1940) 1940
Kid Marvelman Johnny Bates Marvelman Marvelman #102 (July 1955) 1955 Also known as Kid Miracleman.
Kid Supreme Charles Flanders Supreme Supreme #9 (January 1994) 1993
Kid Vicious TK Judge Jury Brat Pack #1 (August 1990) 1990 Brat Pack features Kid Vicious I and II.
Kitkat ? Leopardman Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 1, #5 (September 1995) 1995 Later becomes Greymalkin.
Hilarion Lefuneste Achille Talon Achille Talon Neighbour of Achille.
Leo ? Gilles de Geus Gilles de Geus 1985 Good, brawny, but monosyllabic friend of Gilles.[14]
Libellulle Gil Jourdan Gil Jourdan 1956 A former thief, who has become Gil's right-hand in solving crimes.
Looney Leo N.A. Gentleman Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2, #13 (February 1998)[15] 1998
Luna TK Moon Mistress Brat Pack #1 (August 1990) 1990 Brat Pack features Luna I and II.
Minimum ? Chlorophylle Chlorophylle ? A mouse who is Chlorophylle's best friend.
Obelix N.A. Asterix Asterix the Gaul 1959
Peewit 1954 Johan Johan and Peewit ? A dwarf who is Johan's best friend.
Pup TK Hound Top 10 #12 (October 2001) 2001 Member of the Young Sentinels; revealed that the Seven Sentinels are actually a pedophile ring and that the Young Sentinels are their victims.
Quark Charlie Provost Starfighter Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2 #13 (February 1998) 1998
Reggie ? Biebel Biebel 1983 Biebel's younger brother, who is considerably more happy and naïve than him.
Scorchy TK Sizzler Top 10 #12 (October 2001) 2001 Member of the Young Sentinels; revealed that the Seven Sentinels are actually a pedophile ring and that the Young Sentinels are their victims.
Slugger, the Junior Dynamo ? All-American Wizard Presents: Kurt Busiek's Astro City Vol. 2 #1/2 1996
Spip Spirou Spirou et Fantasio 1939 A grouchy squirrel who is Spirou's pet.
Tamme ? Hannes De Geuzen 1985
Tim Tim Roland Black Terror Exciting Comics #9 (January 1941) 1941
Antoine Vertignasse ? Le Petit Spirou Le Petit Spirou 1944 Best friend of Spirou, whose name is often shortened to "Vert".
Ebony White N.A. Spirit The Spirit comic strip (June 2, 1940) 1940
Wild Boy TK King Rad Brat Pack #1 (August 1990) 1990 Brat Pack features Wild Boy I and II.
Young Marvelman Dickie Dauntless Marvelman Marvelman #101 (July 1955) 1955 Also known as Young Miracleman.

Newspaper comics[edit]

Sidekick Full name or Alter-ego Hero Series First appearance Notes
Lucky Eddie / Hägar the Horrible Hägar the Horrible 1973 The not-too-bright second man in command.[16]
Marcie / Peppermint Patty Peanuts 1968
The Nipper Twins / The Yellow Kid Hogan's Alley' 1896 Two tiny versions of The Yellow Kid introduced by George Luks when he took over Hogan's Alley between 1896 and 1897, after Richard F. Outcault left the newspaper they were originally printed in.[17]
Wimpy / J. Wellington Wimpy Popeye ?
Woodstock N.A. Snoopy Peanuts June 22, 1970[18]


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