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From Moscow to Mars
Box set by
Released9 December 2016[1]
GenrePop, synthpop, electronic
LabelMute Records
Erasure chronology
Always: The Very Best of Erasure
From Moscow to Mars
World Be Gone

From Moscow to Mars is a retrospective box set from Erasure, released in the UK by Mute Records on 9 December 2016. The set commemorates the 30th anniversary of the group's founding, and contains an assortment of previously released and never before released material. Its name is derived from a lyric found within the group's single "Star", "We go waiting for the stars to come showering down... From Moscow to Mars...Universe falling down". The 22 remixes, 19 rarities and 17 live recordings included in the box set were released on digital platforms worldwide on 10 May 2019.[2]


The box set contains 12 audio CDs, one DVD, an exclusive photobook, photographs, a postcard set and a "space passport". Three of the CDs contain the group's singles in chronological order. Two contain personal selections, one each from Vince and Andy, of their favourite tracks, and are a selection of singles and album tracks. Two contain a selection of most of their B-sides, as selected by members of the official Fan Club, the "Erasure Information Service". Two contain a selection of remixes, some previously released and some specially commissioned for this release. One contains a selection of live performances, one has a selection of demos and unreleased tracks, and the final CD contains an "audio documentary" entitled "A Little Respect – 30 Years of Erasure". The final disc is a region-free NTSC DVD of the Wild! concert recording previously issued on VHS, available here on DVD for the first time.


From Moscow to Mars was originally scheduled to be released in mid-November 2016, and was made available for pre-order from Lexer Music and Pledge Music on 2 September 2016. Those who pre-ordered also received six digital download tracks which do not otherwise appear in the box set. The box set was eventually released on 9 December 2016.[3]

A pre-release party was arranged in Birmingham on 4 November 2016 running between 2:30pm and 11:30pm[4]


Professional ratings
Review scores
This Is Not Retro5/5 stars[5]
XS NoizePositive[6]

The first pre-release reviews appeared during the second week of November 2016 and were very positive.

Track listing[edit]

CD 1: Singles
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Who Needs Love Like That?"Wonderland (1985) 
2."Heavenly Action"Wonderland (1985) 
3."Oh L'Amour"Wonderland (1985) 
4."Sometimes"The Circus (1987) 
5."It Doesn't Have to Be"The Circus (1987) 
6."Victim of Love"The Circus (1987) 
7."The Circus"The Circus (1987) 
8."Ship of Fools"The Innocents (1988) 
9."Chains of Love"The Innocents (1988) 
10."A Little Respect"The Innocents (1988) 
11."Stop!"Crackers International EP (1988) 
12."Drama!"Wild! (1989) 
13."You Surround Me"Wild! (1989) 
14."Blue Savannah"Wild! (1989) 
15."Star"Wild! (1989) 
16."Chorus"Chorus (1991) 
CD 2: Singles
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Love to Hate You"Chorus (1991) 
2."Am I Right?"Chorus (1991) 
3."Breath of Life"Chorus (1991) 
4."Take a Chance on Me"Abba-esque EP (1992) 
5."Always"I Say I Say I Say (1994) 
6."Run to the Sun"I Say I Say I Say (1994) 
7."I Love Saturday"I Say I Say I Say (1994) 
8."Stay with Me"Erasure (1995) 
9."Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)"Erasure (1995) 
10."Rock Me Gently"Erasure (1995) 
11."In My Arms"Cowboy (1997) 
12."Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me"Cowboy (1997) 
13."Rain"Cowboy (1997) 
14."Freedom"Loveboat (2000) 
15."Moon and the Sky" (JC's Heaven Scent Radio Re-Work)Loveboat (2000) 
16."Solsbury Hill"Other People's Songs (2003) 
17."Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)"Other People's Songs (2003) 
CD 3: Singles
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Breathe"Nightbird (2005) 
2."Don't Say You Love Me"Nightbird (2005) 
3."Here I Go Impossible Again"Nightbird (2005) 
4."All This Time Still Falling Out of Love"Nightbird (2005) 
5."Boy" (Acoustic)Union Street (2006) 
6."I Could Fall in Love with You"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
7."Sunday Girl"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
8."Storm in a Teacup"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
9."Sucker For Love"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
10."When I Start To (Break It All Down)"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
11."Be With You"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
12."Fill Us with Fire"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
13."Gaudete"Snow Globe (2013) 
14."Make It Wonderful"Snow Globe (2013) 
15."Elevation"The Violet Flame (2014) 
16."Reason"The Violet Flame (2014) 
17."Sacred"The Violet Flame (2014) 
CD 4: Andy's Personal Favourites
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Fill Us with Fire"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
2."Save Me Darling"Cowboy (1997) 
3."Fly Away"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
4."Here I Go Impossible Again"Nightbird (2005) 
5."Witch in the Ditch"The Innocents (1988) 
6."Miracle"I Say I Say I Say (1994) 
7."Siren Song"Chorus (1991) 
8."Mad as We Are"Loveboat (2000) 
9."Boy" (Acoustic)Union Street (2006) 
10."Joan"Chorus (1991) 
11."I Bet You're Mad at Me"Nightbird (2005) 
12."Golden Heart"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
13."A Long Goodbye"Erasure (1995) 
14."What Will I Say When You're Gone?"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
15."Brother & Sister"Wild! (1989) 
16."Whole Lotta Love Run Riot"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
CD 5: Vince's Personal Favourites
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Sono Luminus"Erasure (1995) 
2."Because You're So Sweet"I Say I Say I Say (1994) 
3."Love Affair"Cowboy (1997) 
4."Home"Chorus (1991) 
5."Alien"Loveboat (2000) 
6."Precious"Cowboy (1997) 
7."Don't Dance"The Circus (1987) 
8."How My Eyes Adore You"Light at the End of the World (2007) 
9."Boy"Cowboy (1997) 
10."Blues Away"I Say I Say I Say (1994) 
11."Spiralling" (Acoustic)Union Street (2006) 
12."Piano Song"Wild! (1989) 
13."Tenderest Moments" (Acoustic)Union Street (2006) 
14."Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime"Other People's Songs (2003) 
15."Cry So Easy"Wonderland (1985) 
16."You've Got to Save Me Right Now"Tomorrow's World (2011) 
17."Weight of the World"The Innocents (1988) 
CD 6: B-Sides
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Supernature"You Surround Me 
2."The Hardest Part"Crackers International EP 
3."When I Needed You"Ship of Fools 
4."She Won't Be Home"Crackers International EP 
5."Knocking on Your Door"Crackers International EP 
6."Don't Suppose"Chains of Love 
7."Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"Oh L'amour 
8."Over the Rainbow"Chorus 
9."Waiting for Sex"Am I Right? EP 
10."Tenderest Moments"Run to the Sun 
11."March on Down the Line"Oh L'amour 
12."Dreamlike State"Star 
13."The Soldier's Return"Victim of Love 
14."Heart of Glass" (Live in Oxford)Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me 
15."Let It Flow"Am I Right? EP 
16."Runaround on the Underground"Blue Savannah 
17."Rapture"In My Arms 
CD 7: B-Sides
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."La La La"Love to Hate You 
2."Truly, Madly, Deeply"I Love Saturday EP 
3."Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor"A Little Respect 
4."Sweet Sweet Baby"Drama 
5."True Love Wars"Stay with Me 
6."Ghost"I Love Saturday EP 
7."Hi NRG"Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) 
8."The Good the Bad and the Ugly"Chains of Love 
9."In the Name of the Heart"In My Arms 
10."Die 4 Love"Reason3:32
11."Tragic"I Love Saturday EP (vocal) / Always (instrumental) 
12."First Contact"Rain 
13."Love Is Colder Than Death"A Little Respect 
14."Don't Say No"Heavenly Action 
15."In the Hall of the Mountain King"It Doesn't Have to Be 
16."No G.D.M"Blue Savannah 
17."Take Me on a Highway"Sunday Girl3:21
18."Tomorrow's World"When I Start To (Break It All Down) 
CD 8: Remixes
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."A Little Respect" (Extended Mix)A Little Respect single (12" and CD)6:39
2."Waiting for the Day" (Vince Clarke Remix) 4:41
3."Supernature" (William Orbit Remix)You Surround Me single (Limited 12" only) 
4."Blue Savannah" (Little Boots Remix)New for this release4:57
5."S.O.S" (Perimeter Mix)Abba-esque The Remixes EP 
6."Love to Hate You" (Bruce Forest Remix)Love to Hate You single (US CD only) 
7."Snappy" (The Spice has Risen Mix)Chorus single (12" and US CD) 
8."Ship of Fools" (Nicka & Asle's Stella Polaris Remix) 7:52
9."The Circus" (The "Equalateral" Mix) 9:35
10."Elevation" (Jack Antonoff Remix)The Violet Flame Remixes Record Store Day EP3:28
11."Stay with Me" (Guitar Mix)Stay with Me single (12", 2nd CD and US CD) 
CD 9: Remixes
No.TitleFeatured onLength
1."Stop" (12" Remix)Crackers International EP (12", 'Part 2' CD and US CD)5:47
2."I Could Fall in Love with You" (Jeremy Wheatley Extended 12" mix)I Could Fall in Love with You single (UK maxi-CD and US CD)5:59
3."Always" ('Always in Motion' mix) 6:20
4."Blue Savannah" ('Out of the Blue' Mix)Blue Savannah promotional 12" and CD6:46
5."Oh L'Amour" (Almighty Remix) 6:31
6."Chorus" (Aggressive Trance Mix)Chorus single (US CD only)8:51
7."Heavenly Action" (Matt Pop's Planet Cupid Mix) 5:36
8."Breath of Life" (Joey Beltram Mix) 4:29
9."You Surround Me" (Syrinx Mix)You Surround Me single (12" and CD) 
10."If I Could" (Japanese Mix)Victim of Love single (Limited 12" only) 
11."Rock Me Gently" (A Combination of Special Events)Rock Me Gently single (Czech 12" and CD) 
CD 10: Erasure Live!
1."Victim of Love" (The Circus Tour 1987) 
2."Knocking on Your Door" (The Erasure Show 2005) 
3."A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot" (Tomorrow's World Tour 2011) 
4."Joan" (The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992) 
5."Witch in the Ditch" (The Innocents Tour 1988) 
6."I Bet You're Mad at Me" (The Erasure Show 2005) 
7."Home" (The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992) 
8."Spiralling" (The Innocents Tour 1988) 
9."Sunday Girl" (Light at the End of the World Tour 2007) 
10."Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me" (An Evening with Erasure 1997) 
11."Breathe" (The Erasure Show 2005) 
12."Sometimes" (The Innocents Tour 1988) 
13."Tenderest Moments" (The Acoustic Tour 2006) 
14."Ave Maria" (The Erasure Show 2005) 
15."Soldiers Return" (The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992) 
16."I Could Fall in Love with You" (Light at the End of the World Tour 2007) 
17."A Little Respect" (The Innocents Tour 1988) 
CD 11: Rarities
1."Who Needs Love Like That?" (Audition Version)Original Andy Bell recording from 19852:46
2."Blue (Searching)" (Demo)Early version of 'Searching'. Final appears on Solsbury Hill single4:11
3."Piano" (Demo)Unused piece from Tomorrow's World era2:23
4."Waiting for the Day" (Demo)Early version. Final appears on Chorus album3:41
5."Siempre" (Always Spanish Version)Original appears on I Say I Say I Say album3:54
6."2000 Miles" (Monteverde 7" Mix)Unreleased mix. Original appears on Wild! album3:28
7."Chanson" (Moon & The Sky French Demo)Early version. Final appears on Loveboat album4:16
8."Am I Right" (Guitar Demo)Early version. Final appears on Chorus album1:56
9."Worlds on Fire" (Demo)Early version. Final appears on Cowboy album3:23
10."Run to the Sun" (Demo)Early version. Final appears on I Say I Say I Say album2:47
11."Breath Of Life" (Piano Demo)Early version. Final appears on Chorus album0:30
12."Alien" (Demo)Early version. Final appears on Loveboat album4:01
13."Whole Lotta Love Run Riot" (Demo)Early version. Final appears on Tomorrow's World album2:07
14."Moon & The Sky" (The Beatmasters Remix)Unreleased mix. Original appears on Loveboat album3:39
15."Untitled" (Loveboat Demo)Early version of 'Here in My Heart'. Final appears on Loveboat album3:03
16."Amo Odiarti" (Love to Hate You - Italian Disco Anthem Mix)Original appears on Chorus album3:55
17."UK Vibe 3" (Tomorrow's World Demo)Unused piece from Tomorrow's World era1:47
18."Symphony" (Unreleased track)Unreleased. Previously available from Erasure Information Service4:31
19."Reason" (Sirius XM Radio Session)Original appears on The Violet Flame3:29
CD 12: A Little Respect – 30 Years of Erasure
1."Audio Documentary" 


DVD - The Wild! Tour[edit]

Released for the first time on DVD, this recording of Erasure's Wild! tour filmed in London in 1989 has previously only been available on VHS. It includes unreleased backstage footage. NTSC, region 0

Preorder bonus[edit]

Those who pre-ordered the box set also received a digital download of the following tracks:

  1. "Dreamlike State" (7" Alternative Mix)
  2. "Sugar Hill" (Vox Mix)
  3. "Heart of Stone" (Live)
  4. "Then I Go Twisting" (Demo)
  5. "Fingers & Thumbs" (Electrofinger Dub)
  6. "Sacred" (Chris Cox Dub Mix)


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