Gabriel Barletta

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Gabriel Barletta or Gabriele da Barletta (Barletta, Italy, 15th century) was a Catholic preacher of the Dominican Order, whose sermons were widely published in Italy after his death.[1]

Used across Italy, Barletta's sermons became synonymous with preaching: Nescit praedicare qui nescit barlettare (He who knows how to preach, knows how to "Barletta").

His best works:

  • Sermones quadragesimales et de sanctis (Holy Lenten Sermons)
  • Tabula super Bibliam (Overview of the Bible)
  • Votum de libro De divina praeordinatione vitae et mortis humanae (An Invocation of the Book: On the Divine Predetermination of Human Life and Death)


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