Gabriel Mena (composer)

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Gabriel Mena (1470-1528) was a Spanish poet, composer, musician and singer. He was cantor of the chapel of Fernando el Católico until the king's death in 1516.[1][2]


  1. ^ Barbara F. Weissberger Queen Isabel I of Castile: Power, Patronage, Persona 2008- Page 89 "1 The composer "Gabriel" is most likely the poet Gabriel Mena (d. 1528), identified in the literary compilation Cancionero general (1511) as a musician and singer in the chapel of Fernando. He is probably the same Gabriel de Texerana who ..."
  2. ^ Ian Richard Macpherson Motes y glosas in the Cancionero general 2004 Page 80 "Mote de Gabriel el músico ID 6746. Witnesses: 11CG-622, fol. 145v; 14CG-674/fol.124v. Gabriel Mena, poet, composer, musician and singer, served Fernando el Católico as his Cantor de la Capilla until the king's death in 1516. His services were then engaged by Fadrique Enríquez, the fourth Admiral of Castile, who according..."