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Directed bySyed Wahiduzzaman Diamond
Produced byImpress Telefilm Limited
Written byShobnom Shahnaz Chowdhury
Screenplay byHasan Ahmed
Music byEmon Saha
CinematographySyed Wahiduzzaman Diamond
Edited byMonir Hossain
Distributed byImpress Telefilm Limited
Release date
November 28, 2009
Running time
105 minutes

Gangajatra (Bengali: গঙ্গাযাত্রা; also known in English as The Journey) is a Bangladeshi Bengali film directed by Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond. This film was shown at "Kolkata International Film Festival" in 2010.[1][2]


Rupa's (Shimla) husband sells her and her daughter Nipa (Sabrina) to a whore house for money. There Rupa wants to get back her usual life and believed her client Ratan (Sacchu) but he betrayed with her. in the meantime, whore house owner insists her to serve the clients in front of her child. As a result, she gets frustrated with her life and commit suicide along with her child. Prokash (Ferdous) and Sudhamoni (Popy) carried these two dead body for funeral. But people of the society impede them; even those two corpse do not get any government land. Now, it's time for Prokash and Sudhamoni to make a proper funeral of them.[3]



The music of this film was directed by Emon Saha and lyrics were penned by Mohammad Hossain Jemmy and Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond.


This film won National Film Awards in eight categories[4][5] and Bachsas Awards in seven categories[6]

Award Title Category Awardee Result
National Film Awards Best Director Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond Won
Best Actor Ferdous Ahmed Won
Best Actress Sadika Parvin Popy Won
Best Child Artist Syeda Sabrina Won
Best Story Syed Wahiduzzaman Diamond Won
Best Art Director Mohammad Kalantor Won
Best Costume Design Dilip Singh Won
Best Makeup Khalilur Rahman Won
Bachsas Awards Best Actor Ferdous Ahmed Won
Best Actress Sadika Parvin Popy Won
Best Supporting Actor Shahidul Islma Sacchu Won
Best Supporting Actress Shimla Won
Best Music Director Emon Saha Won
Best Female Playback Singer Kanak Chapa Won
Best Art Director Mohammad Kalantor Won

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