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Scientific classification edit
(unranked): SAR
Infrakingdom: Alveolata
Phylum: Apicomplexa
Class: Conoidasida
Order: Agamococcidiorida
Family: Gemmocystidae
Levine 1979
Genus: Gemmocystis
Levine 1979
G. cylindrus
Binomial name
Gemmocystis cylindrus
Upton & Peters 1986

Rhytidocystis is a genus of apicomplexans.[1]

This genus is parasitic on scleractinian corals (Agaricia agaricites, Dendrogyra cylindrus, Diploria strigosa, Meandrina meandrites, Montastraea cavernosa, Porites astreoides, Porites porites) and is found in the Caribbean. Very little is known about the species in this genus.

G. cylindrus was isolated from within the gastrodermal cells of the mesenterial filaments of the coral. Only the oocysts and released sporozoites have been described. The parasites were isolated from bleached coral but their role if any in this sign is not known.


There is one species known in this genus


  1. ^ Upton, S.J.; Peters, E.C. (1986). "A new and unusual species of coccidium (Apicomplexa: Agamococcidiorida) from Jamaican scleractinian corals". J Invertebr Pathol. 47 (2): 184–193. doi:10.1016/0022-2011(86)90045-5.