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General Motors de Argentina S.A.
GM Argentina
Area served
OwnerGeneral Motors

General Motors de Argentina is the Argentine subsidiary of General Motors. The seal of General Motors itself, arrived in Argentina in 1922, through two importers that brought to the country, the first models of Chevrolet. The company was founded in 1925, almost 17 years after the US plant was created, initially settling in Huergo Street in Buenos Aires, and then moving to the neighborhood of Barracas. Years later, it would have its definitive installation in the historic site of the Buenos Aires town of San Martín. During this period, the company manufactured models of the brands Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Pontiac, LaSalle, Oakland, Marquette, Buick and Opel, the first having success. With the installation of the San Martín factory, production of the first 100% national Chevrolets began, among which the Chevrolet 400, Chevrolet Chevy (both versions derived from the Chevrolet Nova) and the pick-up Chevrolet C-10. Also, at that time, a local Opel was again produced, when it left the assembly line on Opel K-180, derived from the German Opel Kadett. Despite having led the market for quite some time, the sharp fall in sales of the company forced the closure of this in 1978.

Despite this closure, companies such as Sevel Argentina and CIADEA SA, were in charge of manufacturing truck models Chevrolet in the country, until 1997, General Motors was reestablished, settling in the town of Alvear, Santa Fe Province. From this new plant came memorable models such as the Chevrolet Corsa, its redesign as Chevrolet Classic and in 2009 the Chevrolet Agile. For 2016 there was a big change in the plant, the two previous models ceasing to be produced, being the exclusive line of the Chevrolet Cruze.[1]