Gent per Formentera

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Gent per Formentera
Democratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Parliament of the Balearic Islands
1 / 59
Island Council of Formentera
9 / 17

Gent per Formentera (English: People for Formentera, GxF), is a political grouping of the island of Formentera that appeared in 2007 to contest the elections to the Island Council of Formentera and the elections to the Parliament of the Balearic Islands (in coalition with PSIB). They describe themselves as a left-wing, environmentalist and nationalist party dedicated to fulfilling the specific needs of the island.


In the 2007 Island Council elections, GxF was the most voted party, obtaining five councilors. This result, along with a post-election pact with the two councilors of the PSIB, resulted in the GxF leader Jaume Ferrer Ribas becoming president of the newly formed Island Council of Formentera. In the 2011 election, GxF obtained six island councilors, returning the incumbent insular government to power. The group also won the regional deputy of the island of Formentera for the Parliament of the Balearic Islands. In 2015, GxF won the election in the Island Council by absolute majority and retained its sole representative in the regional Parliament.

Electoral performance[edit]

Parliament of the Balearic Islands[edit]

Date Votes Seats Status Size Notes
# % ±pp # ±
2007 1,456 0.4% +0.1 Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0 N/A *
2011 1,904 0.5% +0.1 Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Opposition *
2015 2,006 0.5% ±0.0 Arrow Blue Right 001.svg0 Opposition * government support
  • * Within People for Formentera+PSOE

Island Council of Formentera[edit]

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2007 1,134 32.8% Government 1st
2011 1,662 44.0% +11.2 Green Arrow Up Darker.svg1 Government 1st
2015 1,817 49.8% +5.8 Green Arrow Up Darker.svg3 Government 1st

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