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George and Junior
MGM Cartoons character
Red Hot Rangers
First appearance
Created byTex Avery
Voiced byGeorge:
Dick Nelson (1946—1947)
Jack Mather (1948)
John Rubinow (What a Cartoon!)
Tex Avery (1946—1947)
Jack Mather (1948)
Tony Pope (What a Cartoon!)

George and Junior are cartoon characters, two anthropomorphic bears created by Tex Avery for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. All of the George and Junior shorts were directed by Tex Avery in the 1940s. And like Screwy Squirrel, they were killed off after appearing in only four cartoons: Henpecked Hoboes (1946), Hound Hunters (1947), Red Hot Rangers (1947), and Half-Pint Pygmy (1948).[1]

The cartoons would usually follow the misadventures of two bears inspired by George and Lennie from John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men:[2] George, the short, short-tempered intelligent one (voiced by Dick Nelson) and Junior, the tall, dim-witted one (voiced by Avery himself). George would usually come up with a plan to fix their current situation. Junior would accidentally mess it up somehow resulting with an angry George saying "Bend over, Junior", and, when Junior does so, George delivers a hard kick to his rear end.


The characters' looks and voices were altered for their fourth appearance. Later they were brought back to life by Pat Ventura on the Hanna-Barbera anthology franchise What a Cartoon! in the 1990s voiced by John Rubinow and Tony Pope. A grey-purple version of George made a cameo appearance in a headshot during the final scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (the octopus from Half-Pint Pygmy also made a cameo as the bartender at The Ink and Paint Club). Later they would make appearances in Dark Horse Comics with Tex Avery's Wolf and Red and Screwy Squirrel.


# Title Release Date
1 Henpecked Hoboes October 26, 1946
2 Hound Hunters April 12, 1947
3 Red Hot Rangers May 3, 1947
4 Half-Pint Pygmy August 7, 1948
5 Look Out Below April 9, 1995[3][4]
6 George and Junior's Christmas Spectacular July 23, 1995[5]

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