Ginés Jesús Hernández

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Ginés Jesús Hernández
Pope Gregory XVIII of Palmarian Catholic Church and third Pope of the
Palmarian Catholic Church
ChurchPalmarian Catholic Church
SeeEl Palmar de Troya
Papacy began15 July 2011
Papacy ended22 April 2016
PredecessorPeter II (Palmarian claimant)
SuccessorPeter III (Palmarian claimant)
Opposed toBenedict XVI
Personal details
Born (1959-07-01) 1 July 1959 (age 60)

Sergio María Ginés Jesús Hernández y Martínez (born 1 July 1959), known by his religious name as Sergio María and by his papal name as Gregory XVIII, is the former pope of the Palmarian Catholic Church. Hernández was in office from 2011 until his 2016 resignation.[1][2][a]

Hernández fell in love, lost his faith, resigned, and left the church. He has subsequently reconciled with the Catholic Church.[2][5]

Hernández is a former member of the Spanish Military. Hernández is a Carlist.

Between 2005 and 2011, Hernández served as church secretary of state under pope Manuel Corral (Peter II). After Corral's death, Hernández succeeded Corral, on 16 July 2011, as pope at El Palmar de Troya and adopted the papal name Gregory XVIII. Hernández nominated his successor Joseph Odermatt from Switzerland.

According to Professor Magnus Lundberg, of the University of Uppsala, Hernández resigned from his papacy on 22 April 2016 for marrying Nieves Trivedi, and was succeeded on 23 April 2016 by Odermatt who took Peter III as his papal name.[6]

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Religious titles
Preceded by
Manuel Corral
Peter II
Palmarian Pope
Succeeded by
Joseph Odermatt
Peter III