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Count Giuseppe Zinanni or Ginanni (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈzɛppe ddziˈnanni, dʒiˈnanni];7 November 1692 Ravenna – 23 October 1753 in the same city) was an Italian naturalist.


Zinanni wrote the first book entirely devoted to the eggs and nests of birds Dell Uova Nidi e dei degli Uccelli (Venice, 1737), illustrated with 34 black and white plates. Birds are divided into three groups: raptorial land birds (uccelli terrestri rapaci), other land birds (uccelli terrestri non rapaci), and waterbirds (uccelli aquatica). Each oological plate illustrated from one to nine eggs representing 106 species altogether. The specimens illustrated are from Giuseppe Zinanni's own museum piccolo Museo di cose naturali. He later published a book on snails and another on grasshoppers Osservazioni gîomali sopra le Cavalette. împr. cum libro ejus.


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