Gordano Messaging Suite

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GMS Mail Server
Developer(s)GMS (Gordano Ltd.)
Stable release
Operating systemWindows, AIX, Linux, Solaris
Platformx86, SPARC, RS6000
TypeMail server Webmail ActiveSync

GMS (GMS) is a commercial mail and groupware server developed by Gordano Ltd. It runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and AIX. Originally called NTMail[1] which was the first commercially available mail for the Windows platform[citation needed], the products were rebranded to the Gordano Messaging Suite in August 2002 to reflect the support for additional hardware platforms and operating systems.


The features of GMS include encrypted access using SSL, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, over-the-air handheld synchronization, web based webmail and calendaring interfaces and a plugin for Microsoft Outlook allowing Microsoft Exchange style functionality.

Administration is performed by a web browser using HTTP

Supported clients[edit]


Native support for full groupware features exists for these clients:

Mail only[edit]


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Reviews of version 15:

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