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Gottfried Weigle (1816–1855) was a German missionary to Karnataka who translated the Bible into Kannada.

He was based in Dharwad, under the Basel Mission in Mangalore. Herrmann Moegling, a fellow student from Tübingen also worked on translation projects.[1] Ferdinand Kittel worked more independently. He also undertook vaccination work.[2]

When Weigle died in 1855, his cousin Mögling (at the then late age of 45) married Weigle's wife Pauline.


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  2. ^ Paul Hockings Sex and disease in a mountain community 1980 "The first missionary to concern himself with medical matters there was the German Gottfried H. Weigle (1816-1885), who vaccinated about 700 Badaga children in 1846 (Mullens 1854: 61). Weigle did not stay long, however, and the later ..."