Government of Hassan Rouhani (2017–present)

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Second Hassan Rouhani Cabinet
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12th cabinet of Islamic Republic of Iran
President of Iran
First cabinet picture of Rouhani II government.jpg
Date formed3 August 2017
People and organisations
Head of stateAli Khamenei
Head of governmentHassan Rouhani
Head of government's history
Deputy head of governmentEshaq Jahangiri
No. of ministers18
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers23
Election(s)2017 Iranian presidential election
Legislature term(s)10th term
Incoming formationConfirmation of Hassan Rouhani's cabinet (2017)
PredecessorRouhani I

Hassan Rouhani is the seventh President of Iran which governs during his second term within the twelfth government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Cabinet members[edit]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party Ref
Presidential Administration
President Hassan Rouhani3 August 2017IncumbentMDP[1]
First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri[A]8 August 2017IncumbentECP[2]
Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi20 August 2017IncumbentMDP[3]
Presidential Administration Head Mahmoud Vaezi20 August 2017IncumbentMDP[3]
Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati[A]20 August 2017IncumbentIIPF[1]
Communications Minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi20 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[1]
Labour and Social Welfare Minister Ali Rabei[A]20 August 20178 August 2018ILP[1]
 Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandpey*11 August 201827 October 2018Nonpartisan
 Mohammad Shariatmadari[A]27 October 2018IncumbentNonpartisan
Culture Minister Abbas Salehi20 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[1]
Defence Minister Amir Hatami20 August 2017IncumbentMilitary[1]
Finance Minister Masoud Karbasian[A]20 August 201726 August 2018Nonpartisan[1]
 Rahmatollah Akrami*27 August 201827 October 2018Nonpartisan
 Farhad Dejpasand27 October 2018IncumbentNonpartisan
Education Minister Mohammad Bathaei20 August 20176 June 2019Nonpartisan[1]
 Javad Hosseini*6 June 2019IncumbentNonpartisan
Energy Minister Sattar Mahmoudi*20 August 201729 October 2017Nonpartisan[3]
 Reza Ardakanian29 October 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[4]
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif20 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[1]
Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi20 August 20173 January 2019Nonpartisan[5]
 Saeed Namaki3 January 2019IncumbentNonpartisan[5]
Industries and Business Minister Mohammad Shariatmadari[A]20 August 201720 October 2018Nonpartisan[1]
 Reza Rahmani[B]20 October 2018IncumbentNonpartisan
Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi[C]20 August 2017IncumbentRFII[1]
Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli[C]20 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[1]
Justice Minister Alireza Avayi[C]20 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[1]
Petroleum Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh[A]20 August 2017IncumbentECP[1]
Science Minister Zia Hashemi*20 August 201729 October 2017Nonpartisan[3]
 Mansour Gholami29 October 2017IncumbentIAUI[4]
Roads and Housing Minister Abbas Ahmad Akhoundi[A]20 August 201720 October 2018Nonpartisan[1]
 Mohammad Eslami[B]20 October 2018IncumbentNonpartisan
Sports and Youth Minister Masoud Soltanifar[A]20 August 2017IncumbentMDP[1]
Vice Presidents
Atomic Energy Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi10 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[6]
Cultural Heritage Vice President Ali Asghar Mounesan13 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[7]
Environment Vice President Isa Kalantari[A]13 August 2017IncumbentECP[7]
Economic Vice President Mohammad Nahavandian[C]20 August 2017IncumbentICP[3]
Legal Vice President La'ya Joneydi9 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[8]
Martyrs Vice President Mohammad-Ali Shahidi16 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[5]
Parliamentary Vice President Hossein-Ali Amiri25 December 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[9]
Elites Vice President Sorena Sattari16 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[5]
Planning Vice President Mohammad Bagher Nobakht20 August 2017IncumbentMDP[3]
Women's Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar[A]9 August 2017IncumbentIIPF[8]
Administrative Vice President Jamshid Ansari[A]20 August 2017IncumbentNonpartisan[3]
Citizenship Rights Shahindokht Molaverdi[A]9 August 201724 November 2018IIPF[8]
Economic Affairs Masoud Nili[A]16 August 201715 November 2018Nonpartisan[5]
Social Communications Ali Rabei[A]30 May 2019IncumbentILP
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* Acting

Women appointees[edit]

Despite the pressure coming from his supporters and women's rights activists to appoint female ministers,[10][11] Rouhani did not name any woman as minister, however he appointed three women in his second administration, Masoumeh Ebtekar and Laya Joneydi as vice presidents and Shahindokht Molaverdi as his aide for citizenship rights.[8]

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