Great Houghton Greyhound Track

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Great Houghton Greyhound Track
LocationHigh Street, Great Houghton, South Yorkshire
Coordinates53°33′10″N 1°21′03″W / 53.55278°N 1.35083°W / 53.55278; -1.35083

Great Houghton Greyhound Track was a greyhound racing track located on High Street, Great Houghton, South Yorkshire.[1]


Thomas Jeffries Sides, the Mayor of Pontefract and Managing Director of the Pontefract Park Race Company and the Carters Knottingley Brewery Co Ltd allowed the construction of a second greyhound track on land owned by company; the first was in Upton, West Yorkshire.[2] A third track (Pontefract Greyhound Stadium) was also owned by the company which was run by W. J. Wilby following the death of Sides in 1938.[3]

Greyhound racing[edit]

The track was adjacent to the Old Hall Inn and was leased and opened by Mr J Button in 1935. The racing was independent (not affiliated to the sports governing body the National Greyhound Racing Club).[4][5]

Following the death of Mr. Button in February 1941, the company bought the Old Hall Inn and found a new tenant Mr H.O.Butterfield. The site was valued in 1950 at £350, much less than sister track Pontefract. Mr. M.T. Armin took over in 1953, paying £200 for the fixtures and fittings and a lease of £25 per year.[6]


Due to falling attendances racing stopped in June 1954 and the field was incorporated into the tenancy of the inn.[4]


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