Greek pizza

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Greek pizza
Greek pizza (1).jpg
Place of originGreece, United States
Region or stateNew England
Main ingredientsPizza dough, cheese, tomato sauce
VariationsGreek-style toppings

Greek pizza refers to a style of pizza crust and its preparation, rather than its toppings.[1] This style is baked in a pan, instead of directly on the bricks of the pizza oven (as is more traditional for Italian pizza).[1] The pan used is a shallow pan, in contrast to the deep pans used in Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The pan is heavily oiled with olive oil.[2] It has a crust that is usually chewy and puffy, almost like focaccia bread but not as thick.[3] The crust is also rather oily, due to the heavily oiled pan used for the cooking process.[1][4]

In the United States, Greek-style pizza is common in New England cuisine.[1]

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