Greenford Park Trotting Track

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Greenford Park Trotting Track
LocationGreenford, London Borough of Ealing, west London
Coordinates51°32′27″N 0°21′19″W / 51.54083°N 0.35528°W / 51.54083; -0.35528

Greenford Park Trotting Track was a trotting track, Motorcycle speedway and a short lived greyhound racing track in Greenford, London Borough of Ealing, west London.[1]

Trotting track[edit]

The site of the trotting track was on modern day Jeymer Drive, south of Birkbeck Avenue and was opened in 1919 by the London Trotting Club.[2][3][4] Charles Sabini who was portrayed in the hit series Peaky Blinders was associated with the track.[5] It closed in 1935.

Motorcycle speedway[edit]

The track was a pioneer venue for Speedway with a first meeting on 7 April 1928.[6] The very large dirt track also hosted Sidecar speedway and it was known in speedway circles as the Greenford Driving Park, with the entrances on Birkbeck Avenue.[7]

Greyhound Racing[edit]

The greyhound racing first appeared on 31 October 1927 during the very early years of greyhound racing but racing had ceased in 1928. The track was a short lived independent (unaffiliated to a governing body). The racing took place on a smaller track inside the trotting track.[8]


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