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Oslo komm.svg Oslo
Coordinates59°56′30″N 10°46′50″E / 59.94167°N 10.78056°E / 59.94167; 10.78056Coordinates: 59°56′30″N 10°46′50″E / 59.94167°N 10.78056°E / 59.94167; 10.78056
Elevation109.2 m
Owned byNorwegian National Rail Administration
Operated byNSB Gjøvikbanen
Line(s)Gjøvik Line
Alnabru–Grefsen Line
Distance6.82 km
ConnectionsOslo Metro: Storo (station)
Tram:13  Lilleaker
and 17  Rikshospitalet
ArchitectPaul Due
Other information
Station codeGRE
Opened20 December 1900
A train from Jaren has just pulled into Grefsen station. NSB Gjøvikbanen operates on the line with type 69 trains.

Grefsen Station (Norwegian: Grefsen stasjon) is a railway station at Storo in Oslo, Norway on the Gjøvik Line. From the station there is also a short railway, the Alnabru–Grefsen Line, to Alna on the Hoved Line. The station is located 6.82 km from Oslo Central Station and is located between Tøyen and Nydalen at 109.2 metes above sea level. It was opened on 20 December 1900, two years before the railway to Gjøvik was finished.

The station is served by commuter and regional trains operated by NSB Gjøvikbanen. Along the line to the east runs the Ring 3 road, and across that there is a tram and bus stop. A bit further north of Grefsen Station there is a connection to the Oslo Metro, at Storo.

The station serves Nordre Åsen sports field.

Grefsen Station
Ring 3
11 12 13 
Kjelsås Line
5 6 Storo Station
Grefsen Depot
13 17  Grefsen stasjon
Grefsen Station
Hans Nielsen Hauges gate
17  Sinsenkrysset
Muselunden Loop
6 Sinsen Station
4 Trondheimsveien

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Preceding station Line Following station
Tøyen Gjøvik Line Nydalen
Alna Alnabru–Grefsen Line
Preceding station Regional trains Following station
Oslo S R30 Oslo SGjøvik   Nydalen
Preceding station Local trains Following station
Tøyen L3 Oslo SJaren   Nydalen
Jar Storo Line 13 Terminus Grefsen
Rikshospitalet Sinsenkrysset Line 17 Terminus Grefsen