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Guangqi Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.
Joint venture
Founded1998 (1998) (Guangzhou)
Area served
OwnerGAC Group (50%)
Honda (50%)
Number of employees
Approximately 7,000
Guangqi Honda
Simplified Chinese广汽本田

Guangqi Honda Automobile Co Ltd[1] is a Chinese automobile manufacturing joint venture company[2] based in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.[3]

Co-owned by Honda and GAC Group (Guangqi),[4] Guangqi Honda operates two plants that, as of 2011, produces Honda-branded models and one car sold under the China-only Everus brand. Its products comprise the Everus S1,[5] Honda Accord, Honda Crider, Honda City, Honda Crosstour, Honda Vezel, Honda Fit, and Honda Odyssey.[2] As of early 2011, some offerings may incorporate Japanese-made parts.[6]

Originally named Guangzhou Honda, this was changed to Guangqi Honda in 2009.[7] As of 2011, the company boasts a per year production capacity of 480,000.[8]


Seeking to replace the loss-making[9] of the Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company for a joint venture with another foreign car-maker, the government of Guangzhou established Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co Ltd with Honda, which beat out a number of rivals for the privilege,[10] in May[10] or July[2] of 1998. By 1999, Guangqi Honda was producing its first model, an American version Accord.[9]

Making a product that the Chinese consumer had familiarity with through high quality imports as well as a pre-existing sales and service network for these cars may have contributed to the early success of Guangqi Honda.[9] A recently failed joint venture between the Guangzhou Government and Peugeot (Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Company) also helped to prepare the ground.[citation needed]

Beginning in 2009, Guangqi Honda has distributed automobiles by ship—reducing secondary transport distances and transport losses while also being environmentally responsible.[11] The company also uses rail and road transport.[11]


Everus (Li Nian Chinese: 理念), Guangqi Honda's first China-only brand, is targeted at consumers in inland cities like Chaozhou and Lanzhou who can't afford its Honda-branded vehicles but desire the cachet and technological underpinnings foreign-tied brands offer.[12] While it was the first China-only brand for any sino-foreign joint venture[5] other, similar marques do exist such as the Dongfeng/Nissan Venucia.

The first Everus model, the S1 subcompact, was unveiled at the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show.[13] The S1 is based on an old model of the Honda City.[13]

Customer service award[edit]

Guangqi Honda ranked highest in customer satisfaction with authorized dealer after-sales service according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2009 China Customer Service Index Study.[14]


Guangqi Honda currently manufactures the following vehicles:

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