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Coordinates: 23°11′N 120°20′E / 23.183°N 120.333°E / 23.183; 120.333


Guantian District
福爾摩沙公路 ( 官田區 ).jpg
Guantian District in Tainan City
Guantian District in Tainan City
Special municipalityTainan
 • Total70.80 km2 (27.34 sq mi)
 (January 2016)
 • Total21,659
Guantian District office

Guantian District (Chinese: 官田區; pinyin: Guāntián Qū; Wade–Giles: Kuan1-t'ian2 Ch'ü1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Koaⁿ-tiān-khu) is a rural district in central Tainan, Taiwan. It is the hometown of the former President of the Republic of China, Chen Shui-bian. It hosts a population of 21,659 residents.


Guantian (官田) was formerly known as the "Guantian" (官佃). During the Dutch rule, this area belonged to the government as "Wang Tian" (王田). During Ming Zheng rule, Wang Tian was changed to "Guantian", and the land was handed over to the civil and military officials, who can then recruit the farmers. Among them, the Chen Yonghua family had the most commitments and gradually formed a Han Chinese settlement, hence the name "Guantian" (官佃).[1]

Under the Qing rule, it became "Guantian village" (官佃庄). During the Japanese colonial era in 1920, it was renamed as "Guantian village" (官田庄), belonging to Zengwun County, Tainan Prefecture. In 1953 after the war, it became "Guantian Township" (官田鄉). On 25 December 2010, it was renamed as "Guantian District" (官田區).[2]

Guantian District had human activities since three thousand years ago, but it was only officially established a hundred years ago under Japanese rule. Although the district administration of Guantian District is young, the history of the people and the land can be traced back to ancient times.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district consists of Guantian, Erzhen, Daqi, Longtian, Longben, Nanbu, Shezi, Wushantou, Duba and Tungxizhuang Village.[3]




Guantian Junior High School
  • Guantian Junior High School
  • Chianan Elementary School
  • Duba Elementary School
  • Guantian Elementary School
  • Lungtian Elementary School


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