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Gujarat High Court
The Gujarat High Court Building
LocationAhmedabad, Gujarat
Composition methodPresidential with confirmation of Chief Justice of India and Governor of respective state.
Authorized byConstitution of India
Appeals toSupreme Court of India
Judge term lengthmandatory retirement by age of 62
Number of positions52
Chief Justice of Gujarat
CurrentlyHon'ble Mr. Justice Anantkumar Surendraray Dave (Acting)
Since14 November 2018

The Gujarat High Court is the High Court of the state of Gujarat. It was established on 1 May 1960 under the Bombay State Re-organisation Act, 1960 after the state of Gujarat split from Bombay State.

The seat of the court is Ahmedabad. The present strength of the Gujarat High court is 28 against sanctioned strength of 52.


This high court was established on 1 May 1960 as a result of bifurcation of the former State of Bombay into two States of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The High Court started functioning near Akashwani, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. The High Court has later shifted to the new building at Sola, Ahmedabad, from 16 January 1999.


The Gujarat High Court has jurisdiction over the entire state of Gujarat. It has jurisdiction on all district, administrative and other courts in Gujarat. This high court is a Court of record and empowered to punish anyone for contempt of court.


Unlike Union Judiciary, the state judiciary possesses wide powers which includes powers such as Appellate, Second Appellate in some cases, Revisionary, Review etc. It also has power to issue various writs to courts and authority under its jurisdiction. Intra-Court appeals, when permissible under Clause - 15 of Letters Patent, also lie within the same court from decision of a Single Judge to a Division Bench which comprises two Judges. It has power of superintendence on all courts under it under Article 227 of the Constitution of India. The High Courts are also empowered to hear Public Interest Litigations.

The Chief Justice[edit]

The bench of high court is presided by the Chief Justice. They are appointed by President of India under warrant. However, the president is required to consult the Governor of Gujarat and the Chief Justice of India before making such appointment. The Governor of Gujarat administers the oath of office at the time of appointment.


All judges of the high court are appointed by the President of India after consulting the Governor of Gujarat, Chief Justice of India and Chief Justice of Gujarat. They hold constitutional post and there are ample safeguards provided in the constitution to ensure the independence of the judiciary. Any judge can resign by writing to the President of India. Terms of appointment of judges cannot be altered to their disadvantage after their appointment.


The following are qualifications to be judge of Gujarat High Court.

  • The individual must be citizen of India.


  • The individual must have held a judicial office in India for at least ten years; or
  • Been advocate in any high court or two or more courts in succession for at least 10 years.

The Bench[edit]

The present strength of Gujarat High court is 28 against sanctioned strength of 52 which includes 39 permanent posts and 13 additional posts.[1][1]

Former Chief Justices[2][edit]

# Chief Justice Tenure
Start End
1 Sunderlal Trikamlal Desai 1 May 1960 25 January 1961
2 Kantilal Thakoredas Desai 26 January 1961 22 May 1963
3 Jaishanker Manilal Shelat 31 May 1963 24 February 1966
4 Nomanbhai Mahmedbhai Miabhoy 21 February 1966 15 September 1967
5 P. N. Bhagwati 16 September 1967 17 July 1973
6 Bipinchandra Jivanlal Diwan 18 July 1973 1 July 1976
7 Seshareddi Obul Reddi 7 July 1976 18 August 1977
(6) Bipinchandra Jivanlal Diwan 28 August 1977 19 August 1981
8 Manharlal Pranlal Thakkar 20 August 1981 15 March 1983
9 Padmanabham Subramanian Poti 28 September 1983 1 February 1985
10 Puliyangudi Ramaiyapillai Gokulakrishnan 21 March 1985 12 August 1990
11 Ganendra Narayan Ray 2 December 1990 7 October 1991
12 S Nainar Sundaram 15 June 1992 13 December 1993
13 Bhupinder Nath Kirpal 14 December 1993 11 September 1995
14 Gurudas Datta Kamat 1 July 1996 4 January 1997
15 Kumaran Sreedharan 20 October 1997 3 June 1998
16 Konakuppakattil Gopinathan Balakrishnan 16 July 1998 7 September 1999
17 D M Dharmadhikari 25 January 2000 4 March 2002
18 Daya Saran Sinha 17 March 2002 18 March 2003
19 Bhawani Singh 25 August 2003 27 March 2006
20 Y. R. Meena 3 February 2007 30 June 2008
21 K S Panicker Radhakrishnan 4 September 2008 16 November 2009
22 S J Mukhopadhaya 9 December 2009 13 September 2011
23 Bhaskar Bhattacharya 21 July 2012 28 September 2014
24 R. Subhash Reddy 12 February 2016 01 November 2018
- Akil Abdulhamid Kureshi (acting) 2 November 2018 14 November 2018
- Anantkumar Surendraray Dave (acting) 15 November 2018 Incumbent

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