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Self-portrait from 1921

Gyula Basch (April 9, 1851[1] - January 8, 1928), was a Hungarian painter.

Basch was born in Budapest. After completing his studies at the gymnasium, he attended the polytechnicinstitute at Zurich (1867–72), where he obtained his diploma as engineer. He devoted himself, however, exclusively to painting, and became first a dayscholar at the École des Beaux-Arts at Paris (1873–74), and afterward a pupil of T. Paczka (1885) and of the painter L. Horovitz in Budapest (1888), finally occupying himself with genre and portrait painting. He died in Baden.


His principal works are:

Among his portraits are those of the cellist David Popper, and the Hungarian statesman Dr. Max Falk (Miksa Falk).


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