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HBO Sports Bowling is the branding used for Professional Bowlers Association broadcasts on the HBO premium cable and satellite television network. Bowling[1] was one of HBO's earliest programs,[2][3] back when it debuted in the early 1970s. HBO's first bowling telecast[4] was the Winston-Salem Open on June 10, 1973. About 21 PBA TV finals aired on HBO from June 1973 through July 1975.[5]

Dick Stockton,[6][7] Marty Glickman,[8][9] and Spencer Ross[10][11] served as the play-by-play announcers and Skee Foremsky[12][13] acted as the color commentator for the bowling telecasts.[14] Pat Summerall also called at least one event, which was the 1975 Brunswick World Open.[15]

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