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Remark Media (NASDAQMARK) is a global digital media company that specializes in creating technology platforms and user interfaces that combine content with social media.[1] Spun out from Discovery Communications' HowStuffWorks in 2007, Remark Media owns and operates the international versions of HowStuffWorks in China and Brazil, and is the digital publisher for certain content from World Book in China.[2] The company is a founding partner of Sharecare, a searchable social Q&A healthcare platform organizing and answering the questions of health.[3] The company was formerly known as HSW International.

Remark Media also provides client services including strategic counsel, concept and design, content production, technology development, implementation, project management and analytics. The company's clients include major media companies,[which?] boutique businesses[which?] and start-ups.[4]

The company is publicly listed on NASDAQ, included in the Russell index, and has approximately 100 employees worldwide, with U.S. offices in New York and Atlanta and international offices in Beijing and São Paulo.



In 2006, HSW International was founded as a subsidiary of HowStuffWorks to bring its website to global emerging economies.[5] One year later, the company launched its first international version of HowStuffWorks – ComoTudoFunciona - in Brazil. In October 2007, HSW International went public on NASDAQ in connection with a merger with Intac International.[6] The merger facilitated the launch of the company’s second international version of HowStuffWorks – BoWenWang - in China, in 2008.[7]


In 2008 the company acquired the US website DailyStrength – a social media website hosting health and wellness discussions.[8] Starting in 2009, as part of its establishing a joint venture with Harpo Studios, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Discovery Communications, Sony Pictures Television, and Jeff Arnold (founder of WebMD), that company developed and launched the social Q&A health website, Sharecare. In May 2011, in partnership with Discovery Communications, the company developed and launched the website – a Q&A site for Discovery Channel’s TV show Curiosity.

New name[edit]

In October 2011, the company announced it would change its name to Remark Media, and in December 2011 the company formally changed its name to Remark Media and NASDAQ stock ticker to MARK.[9]


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