Hamady Brothers

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Hamady Brothers
Fate(bankruptcy) revived
FoundedFlint, Michigan, 1911
FounderMichael and Kamol Hamady
Defunct1991 (1st)
Flint, Michigan
Area served
Flint, Michigan area
Key people
Justin Campau. Ramsay Sadek (CEO, managing partners)
  • Justin Campau
  • Ramsay Sadek[1]

Hamady Brothers was an American supermarket chain based in Flint, Michigan which at its peak had 37 stores and 1,300 employees.[2] Given the chain's prevasiveness in the area, paper grocery bags were known as “Hamady sacks”.[3] The family business is best remembered for sending truckloads of food to the strikers in the famous sit-down strike in 1937 of General Motors' Fisher Body plant that led to the recognition of the United Auto Workers by the auto industry.


Hamady Brothers was founded in 1911[4] by Michael and Kamol Hamady, who were immigrant cousins from Lebanon and referred to themselves as brothers.[2] The first store was opened on East Dayton Street and Industrial Avenue, Flint.[2]

Michael Hamady was the first CEO and was followed by his son Robert in 1954, his grand-nephew Jack in 1967, and by his grandson Robert Lee in 1969. Robert Lee restructured the company and sold it in 1974 to Alex Dandy.[3]

The chain expanded through Michigan in 1980 by purchasing 21 closed Kroger stores, primarily on the west side of the state.[5] In July and September 1985, Hamady bought two Hutch's supermarkets in Owosso, Michigan[6] followed by in October with the purchase of Vescio's 5 stores in Saginaw County. The two acquisitions, which would be rebranded as Hamady stores, bringing the chain's store total to 30.[7] As a result, an existing Hamady in Owosso was converted to a discount store called Price Rite. Price Rite was ran by a division of Durant Enterprises, Dandy's parent corporation.[8]

The chain was hit with a seven-week strike in 1987.[3] Dandy's company also acquires Chatham. Chatham and Hamady were embezzled from by Dandy.[3] By 1988, the former Kroger locations, along with some former Vescio locations in Saginaw, Michigan, had closed. Hamady declared bankruptcy in 1988. In March 1989, a reorganization plan by M&B Distribution board chairman James McColgan Sr. for Hamady Bros. was approved by Federal bankruptcy Judge Arthur J. Spector. McColgan Investment Co., a M&B subsidiary, would purchase 21 Hamady Bros. supermarkets for about $17.9 million to which Dandy objected.[9] By May 1989, Dandy had approved the sale of Hamady assets to McColgan Investment. McColgan became chairman and chief operating officer.[10] The chain closed the last of its stores in 1991.[3] 13 locations were sold to Kessel Food Markets, which was founded in 1981 by former Hamady vice president Al Kessel.[11]

Jim McColgan (Jr) [12] has announced that he is opening a Hamady Complete Food Center in a former Kroger location in August 2017 in Flint.[13] However, after just three months, the store permanently liquidated after failure to meet financial objectives.[14]


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