Hannan, Osaka

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Hannan city
Hannan city
Flag of Hannan
Official seal of Hannan
Location of Hannan in Osaka Prefecture
Location of Hannan in Osaka Prefecture
Hannan is located in Japan
Coordinates: 34°51′N 135°36′E / 34.850°N 135.600°E / 34.850; 135.600Coordinates: 34°51′N 135°36′E / 34.850°N 135.600°E / 34.850; 135.600
PrefectureOsaka Prefecture
 • MayorToshihiro Fukuyama
 • Total36.10 km2 (13.94 sq mi)
 (March 1, 2017)
 • Total55,798
 • Density1,500/km2 (4,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Standard Time)
- TreePine
- FlowerSatsuki azalea
Phone number072-471-5678
Address35-1 Ozaki-chō, Hannan-shi, Ōsaka-fu
WebsiteCity of Hannan

Hannan (阪南市, Hannan-shi) is a city located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Hannan is bordered by Sennan City to the northeast and Misaki-chō to the west. It is the location of Pichi-pichi beach, a locally famous public park and beach. It is the southernmost city in Osaka Prefecture, being closer in distance to Wakayama City than to Osaka city proper. Hannan was upgraded from a town to a city on 1 October 1991, making it the newest established city in Osaka Prefecture as of 2010.

As of March 1, 2017, the city has an estimated population of 55,798 and a population density of 1,500 persons per km². The total area is 36.10 km².

The principal industries in Hannan are commercial fishing, agriculture and sake production.

The city's mayor is Toshihiro Fukuyama, who has served since 12 November 2008.


The city's name was derived from the onyomi reading of the kanji 阪 (han), standing for Osaka prefecture (大府), and the kanji 南 (nan), meaning south. Thus it means "Southern Osaka".


Although the city was founded in 1991, the villages and wards that make up the city have existed since the Nara period (5th to 7th centuries CE). Stone tools found in the area indicate human settlement as far back as 10000 BCE. Along with other cities south of the Yamatogawa river, the city previously belonged to the pre-modern Izumi province, running from the Nara to Edo periods.


Hannan city belongs to the unique Senshu area with its own dialect and customs. The Senshu dialect is spoken alongside standard Japanese. The city is known for its local brand of sake, Naniwa-masamune, of which there is a brewery in the Ozaki area. The city is also home to a type of wagashi made from steamed sweet adzuki beans known as Murasame.



Hannan is served by both the national JR West Hanwa Line and the private Nankai Main Line.

Nankai Main Line stations:

JR Hanwa Line stations:


Hannan is also served by a local community bus running to and from the city hall along the main Route 26, and the Nankai Wing Bus Nanbu bus service. Nankai Wing Bus Nanbu:

  • [1]: Ozaki Station - Nakamura - Izumi-Tottori - Ishida - Ozaki Station
  • [A5]: Ozaki Station - Aeon Rinku Mall - Ozaki Station


The Japan National Route 26 runs through the city. The Hanwa Expressway passes the mountainous area inland, with an exit at the Hannan Interchange.

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