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Haradh is located in Saudi Arabia
Location in Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 24°8′44″N 49°3′55″E / 24.14556°N 49.06528°E / 24.14556; 49.06528Coordinates: 24°8′44″N 49°3′55″E / 24.14556°N 49.06528°E / 24.14556; 49.06528
Country Saudi Arabia
ProvinceEastern Province
 (2011)[citation needed]
 • Total111,214
Time zoneUTC+3 (Arabian Standard Time)

Haradh is a small village in Al-Hasa, Saudi Arabia. Haradh is famous for its oil-rich and gas-rich fields. Several oil plants and a gas plant are located in the Haradh area.


Haradh is located on top of the massive Ghawar Field. Saudi Aramco is operating oil plants that are producing about a million barrels a day There is only one automated teller machine near Nadec factory.


There is a small airport in Haradh for the exclusive use of Saudi Aramco offering flights for its employees to Al-Hasa and Dammam.

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