Haydon Bridge High School

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Haydon Bridge High School
North Bank

NE47 6LR

Coordinates54°58′31″N 2°15′10″W / 54.97533°N 2.25281°W / 54.97533; -2.25281Coordinates: 54°58′31″N 2°15′10″W / 54.97533°N 2.25281°W / 54.97533; -2.25281
TypeDay School
Local authorityNorthumberland
Department for Education URN122328 Tables
Head teacherDarren Glover
Age11 to 18
Enrolment357 as of October 2018

Haydon Bridge High School is a mixed secondary day school located in Haydon Bridge in the English county of Northumberland.[1] The current headteacher is Darren Glover, who took over in April 2017.[2] The headteacher from January 2011 to August 2014 was John Whittle.[3]

It is a foundation school administered by Northumberland County Council, It is claimed to have the largest catchment area of any school in England, reputedly covering an area larger than that encompassed by the M25, the orbital motorway around London. In April 2016, Ofsted judged the school standards as "below par".[4]

Haydon Bridge High School offers GCSEs and BTECs as programmes of study for pupils, while students in the sixth form have the option to study from a range of A-levels and further BTECs.[5]

Bright Tribe[edit]

In a report published on December 10, 2014, the report by Ofsted described Haydon Bridge High School as "inadequate", and placed the school into special measures.[6] Reports that followed remained inadequate in reports that were published in 2015 to 2017. In this time, in an attempt to get out of special measures, the school was acquired by the trust Bright Tribe, a multi academy trust, in October 2015.[7]

Following this, a new IEB was brought onto the school, alongside new headteacher Darren Glover. Despite monitoring reports from Ofsted following the acquisition citing improvements were being made, in November 2017, Bright Tribe pulled out of their sponsorship of the school, as revealed in a blog post via Bright Tribe's official website.

Bright Tribe cited the school's continued financial deficit, and declining pupil numbers as reasons for the pull out, citing how it would impose financial risks towards the trust and other schools under Bright Tribe's ownership.[8]

Notable former pupils[edit]


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