Hellinikon Fencing Hall

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Hellinikon Fencing Hall
Hellinikon Indoor Olympic Fencing Hall
LocationHellinikon, Athens, Greece
Coordinates37°53′43″N 23°43′22″E / 37.8954°N 23.7228°E / 37.8954; 23.7228Coordinates: 37°53′43″N 23°43′22″E / 37.8954°N 23.7228°E / 37.8954; 23.7228
OwnerOlympic Properties S.A.
OperatorOlympic Properties S.A.
CapacityBasketball: 5,000
Fencing: 5,000
OpenedJuly 30, 2004

The Hellinikon Fencing Hall is a multi-purpose indoor sporting arena that is located adjacent to the Hellinikon Olympic Arena, in Hellinikon, Athens, Greece. The venue is part of the Hellinikon Events Hall of the Hellinikon Olympic Complex.


The facility was officially opened on July 30, 2004. It hosted the fencing matches at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. The facility seated 3,800 for the preliminary matches, and 5,000 for the final matches. During the 2004 Summer Paralympic Games, the Fencing Hall was the venue for wheelchair fencing.