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Notice, on the upper left of the page, the breadcrumb navigation links leading to the rootpage.
Observe what happens to the current value of [[../../../]] at Help:Link/one/two.

{{Subpage help}}
Equalities? Variables and markup Live rendering
On subpages, these three: fullpagename Help:Link/one/two/three/four
namespace:basepagename/subpagename Help:Link/one/two/three/four
../subpagename Help:Link/one/two/three/four
On subpages, these two: pagename Link/one/two/three/four
basepagename/subpagename Link/one/two/three/four
On root and 1st sub/page: basepagename Link/one/two/three
rootpagename Link
On subpages, these equal nav links. [[../]] Help:Link/one/two/three
[[../../]] Help:Link/one/two
[[../../../]] Help:Link/one
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