Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life

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Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life
Here comes trouble.jpg
AuthorMichael Moore
CountryUnited States
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
Publication date
September 13, 2011

Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life is an autobiography by American filmmaker Michael Moore.

Critical reception[edit]

Here Comes Trouble received mixed reviews from critics. James Sullivan of The A.V. Club stated that "[Here Comes Trouble is] a disjointed series of scenes from a life spent making a scene", and rated the book as a "B-".[1] However, Andy Lewis of The Hollywood Reporter stated that "though occasionally uneven, the best parts of Here Comes Trouble are fabulous."[2] Alan MacKenzie of the Winnipeg Free Press gave the book a positive review.[3] Dwight Garner of The New York Times said "Moore's coming of age as a working-class malcontent is [...] something to behold", while also calling the book "shaggy and overfilled".[4] Sam Leith of The Guardian questioned the authenticity of the book, stating "the overwhelming impression is that [...] these tales have been adapted or embellished".[5]


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