Herrison Hospital

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Herrison Hospital
Herrison House, Charlton Down (geograph 5721573).jpg
Herrison House (previously a private asylum for fee paying patients)
Herrison Hospital is located in Dorset
Herrison Hospital
Shown in Dorset
LocationCharminster, Dorset, England
Coordinates50°45′04″N 2°27′32″W / 50.7511°N 2.4590°W / 50.7511; -2.4590Coordinates: 50°45′04″N 2°27′32″W / 50.7511°N 2.4590°W / 50.7511; -2.4590
Care systemNHS
Hospital typeSpecialist
Emergency departmentN/A
SpecialityPsychiatric Hospital
ListsHospitals in England

Herrison Hospital was a mental health facility in Charminster, Dorset.


The hospital, which was designed by Henry Edward Kendall Jr. using a Corridor Plan layout, opened as the Dorset County Asylum in 1863.[1] A female annex, designed by George Thomas Hine, was added in 1896 and a private asylum for fee paying patients, known as Herrison House and also designed by Hine, was added in 1904.[1] The facility became the Dorset County Mental Hospital in 1920 and Herrison Hospital in 1940 before joining the National Health Service in 1948.[2]

After the introduction of Care in the Community in the early 1980s, the hospital went into a period of decline and closed in January 1992.[1] The site was subsequently developed for residential use as Charlton Down.[1] Three of the larger buildings — Redwood (the main structure built in 1863), Greenwood (the female annex built in 1896) and Herrison House (the private asylum built in 1904) — have been converted into apartments.[1]


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