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Hetao (Chinese: 河套; pinyin: Hétào; literally: 'River bend" or "River meander') is a region in the upper reaches of the Yellow River in Northwestern China. It includes plains and plateaus on both sides of the river.

The region is bounded by the Yin Mountains in the north, the Great Wall of China (the Ming Wall) in the south, the Helan (Alashan) Mountains in the west, and the Lüliang Mountains in the east. It includes Yinchuan Plain (Ningxia Plain) and the Ordos Plateau, and the Loess Plateau and forms parts of Shaanxi, Ningxia, and Inner Mongolia.

It is often divided into western and eastern parts, Xitao and Dongtao respectively, and the name Hetao sometimes only refers to the eastern part.

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