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Hispanic Link News Service is an American English-language Hispanic-oriented weekly news briefing founded in 1980 by Charlie Ericksen and his wife Sebastiana Mendoza in Washington D.C.[1] It is distributed through the Los Angeles Times.[2][3][4]


  1. ^ Nicolás Kanellos, Félix M. Padilla, Claudio Esteva Fabregat Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Sociology 1994 Page 325 "The third English-language Hispanic-oriented publication is Hispanic Link. Although it is a newsletter and not a "magazine" per se, it is a very important and influential publication that provides a succinct summary of the major issues and.... It averages 8 pages measuring 8.5 by 11 inches and is published weekly (fifty weeks per year) in Washington, D.C., by Hispanic Link News Service, Inc. Hispanic Link was founded by Charles A. Eri[c]ksen, his son Hector, and his Mexican wife Sebastiana Mendoza..."
  2. ^ Armando Rodriguez -From the Barrio to Washington: An Educator's Journey 2007- Page 90 I'd like to think that our protest in Albuquerque helped more Hispanics achieve positions of power. Charlie Ericks[o]n and I remain good friends to this day. He started a mostly English-language news service — the Hispanic Link — devoted to Latino Americans and distributed through the Los Angeles Times..."
  3. ^ Jason Salzman Making the News: A Guide for Activists and Nonprofits - 2003- Page 125 "There are numerous specialty news services as well, including AlterNet in San Francisco, serving alternative news media; Baptist News Service, serving state Baptist weeklies; Hispanic Link News Service, serving Hispanic-oriented weeklies; ..."
  4. ^ Everette E. Dennis, Edward C. Pease The Media in Black and White 1997 - Page 130 "Even some of the new Latino publications' biggest critics want to see them succeed and grow. "The development of these Spanish-language publications is a good trend," says Charles Ericksen, whose Hispanic Link News Service distributes "