Hitler's War (game)

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Hitler's War
Hitler's War Metagaming.jpg
Hitler's War box cover, by Metagaming Concepts
Publisher(s)Metagaming Concepts
Avalon Hill
Publication date1981
Skill(s) requiredStrategy

Hitler's War is a strategic level World War II war game.[1] It covers the war in Europe, for 2 or 3 players (playing the Allies, Axis, and optionally a separate player for the Soviet Union). It was first printed by Metagaming Concepts in 1981, in a "pocket game" sized box with all paper components, then reprinted in 1984 by Avalon Hill in a standard box with cardboard mounted game board.

It uses standard square counters on a hex map, but at a larger scale than most other treatments of the subject: Italy and Poland are only two hexes wide, for example. Units are armies, and each side usually has fewer than 10 units on the board at a time. To make up for that, unoccupied hexes have a defense strength, and must be attacked and captured. The strength of each army is measured in abstract force points, recorded off the board, that changes with combat and reinforcement. Each turn represents 4 months. The game includes rules for economics, submarine warfare, a few generals, and military research, including the A-bomb.

There are three scenarios included:

  • Operation Barbarossa, simulating the Eastern Front;
  • The Fall of Germany, simulating the Western Front from the D-Day invasions;
  • and the complete war from 1939 to 1945.

Game play is estimated at between 1½ to 5 hours.


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