Hoàng Tích Chu

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Hoàng Tích Chu
BornHoàng Tích Chu (黄錫周)
(1897-01-01)1 January 1897
Phù Lưu village, Từ Sơn district, Bắc Ninh province, Tonkin, Flag of Colonial Annam.svg Indochina
Died25 January 1933(1933-01-25) (aged 36)
Khâm Thiên street, Hanoi, Tonkin, Flag of Colonial Annam.svg Indochina
NationalityFlag of Colonial Annam.svg Indochina
PartnerVương Thị Phượng[1]
Madame Đốc Sao[2]

Hoàng Tích Chu (Chinese: 黄錫周, 1897 - 1933) was a Vietnamese journalist.[3]


Hoàng Tích Chu was born on 1 January 1897 at Phù Lưu village, Từ Sơn district, Bắc Ninh province. His pennames were Kế Thương, Hoàng Hồ, Văn Tôi.[4]

Hoàng Tích Chu had various hairstyles during his lifetime. He was most recognized as an outstanding journalist. Nevertheless, the Journalist was particularly known for his exceptional looks and his charming character. Before his tragic passing at the age of 36 he was often in the spotlight of the press due to his fine haircuts.

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