Hosuke Sharaku

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Hosuke Sharaku
Hosuke Sharaku in the 1990 anime The Three-eyed One
Voiced byThe Three-eyed One:
Kazue Ikura
Prince in the Devile Island:
Toshiko Fujita

Hosuke Sharaku (写楽保介, Sharaku Hōsuke) is the main character of the Osamu Tezuka manga and anime The Three-Eyed One (Mitsume ga tooru). In some English versions, Sharaku's name has been "anglicized" to "Shallack". Indeed, the names "Sharaku Hosuke" and "Wato-san" are references to Sherlock Holmes and Watson.[1] Hosuke Sharaku is also part of Osamu Tezuka's Star System.


Hosuke is a little boy who has a terrible power. On his forehead is a third eye that, if open, releases extremely dangerous mystical energy that turns him into an evil sorcerer bent on conquering mankind. It also renders him able to summon demons and to wield a red, harpoon-like wand called the Red Condor. Hosuke is, as the story goes, the last descendant of the mysterious ancient race of the Three-Eyed Ones, who were responsible for constructing the pyramids along with many wonders of the ancient world.

To protect mankind from his terrible power, is made to wear a bandage that seals his third eye. While his third eye is sealed, Hosuke knows nothing of his true nature or of his power, and does not remember his evil half's sinister attempts to conquer the world. Hosuke is helped and nurtured by a girl classmate, Chiyoko Wato (和登千代子), who is drawn to the evil charisma of the Three-Eyed One. Wato is one of the few human beings that Hosuke initially feels that he can trust.

Prominent Roles[edit]

He appears as the main villain of the Game Boy Advance game Astro Boy: Omega Factor, where he is the cruel prince of the Mu empire who confronts Astro Boy. His presence in the game is based on the old Tezuka series Marine Express.

This isn't the first time he has appeared in a video game, though - a NES game was created based on The Three-Eyed One called Mitsume ga Tooru, with Hosuke as the playing character.

He also makes several appearances in Black Jack, most noticeably in the recent TV animated adaptation, in which he's a normal junior high schooler and has a huge one-sided crush on Black Jack's assistant Pinoko. Also, instead of his warden, Chiyoko Wato is his older sister and a kendo practitioner of national level.

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