Houston Dragon Boat Festival

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Houston Dragon Boat Festival
Genredragon boat racing
Datesfirst weekend of May
Location(s)Buffalo Bayou, Houston, Texas
Years active2001-present

The Houston Dragon Boat Festival is held in Houston, Texas. The Houston Dragon Boat Festival is a race down Buffalo Bayou, using decorated canoes called "dragon boats".


The first festival was held in October 2001 at Allen's Landing in downtown Houston.[1] In 2004, the festival added a second event – the Gulf Coast International Dragon Boat Regatta held in October at Clear Lake Park. 2005 saw the festival host the U.S. Central Region Championships in conjunction with the Gulf Coast International regatta.[2]


The Texas Dragon Association plans to build the first boathouse along the downtown Bayou for non-motor boat craft. The Houston Endowment donated $75,000 to build the boathouse at 501 N. York Street.[3]


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