Hoynat Islet

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Hoynat Island
Native name:
Hoynat Adası
Hoynat Adası.jpg
From the mainland (south)
Hoynat Island is located in Turkey
Hoynat Island
Hoynat Island
LocationBlack Sea
Coordinates41°07′03″N 37°43′43″E / 41.11750°N 37.72861°E / 41.11750; 37.72861
İl (province)Ordu Province

Hoynat Islet (a.k.a. Perşembe Islet Turkish: Hoynat Adası) is a Turkish islet in the Black Sea.

The rocky islet is at 41°07′03″N 37°43′43″E / 41.11750°N 37.72861°E / 41.11750; 37.72861. [1] Administratively it is a part of Perşembe ilçe (district) of Ordu Province. The distance between the coast and the islet is less than 100 metres (330 ft). The total area of the islet is about 700 square metres (7,500 sq ft).

Historically the uninhabited islet was a hideout and storage location of the sailors. Now the island is known as the main reproduction area of the European shags in Turkey.[2]