Hugh Kellyk

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Hugh Kellyk (fl.c.1480) was an English composer, whose two surviving works are preserved in the Eton Choirbook. These two works are a five-part Magnificat and a seven-part Gaude flore virginali, which appear to be among the earlier pieces in the choirbook.[1] Gaude Flore Virginali was recorded by The Sixteen in 1994,[2] the Magnificat by Tonus Peregrinus.


  1. ^ Hugh Benham -Latin church music in England, c. 1460-1575 1980 - Page 78 "Nothing at all is known of Hugh Kellyk, but his five-part Magnificat and his cleverly managed seven-part Gaude flore virginali appear to be among the earlier Eton pieces."
  2. ^ Fanfare - Volume 17 Page 310 Joel Flegler - 1994 "The newest disc begins with a composer who has never appeared on records or even on the BBC broadcasts listed in Timothy Day's Tudor discography: not even Hugh Kellyk's dates and place of work are known, and only two of his works ..."