Hunk (Voltron)

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Voltron character
First appearanceVoltron (1984)
Voiced byLennie Weinrib (1984)
Kevin Michael Richardson (1998)
Ty Olsson (2011)
Tyler Labine (2016)
AliasHumorous Hunk
OccupationYellow Paladin
Familyunknown mother
unknown father
unknown nephews
Significant otherPidge

Hunk is a fictional character in the media franchise Voltron, and a member of the Voltron Force. The character's first appearance was in Voltron.[2]

Voltron Defender of the Universe[edit]

Hunk was part of an exploratory team, sent by the Galaxy Alliance and led by Keith, that were kidnapped by the forces of Planet Doom.

After he and the others escaped Planet Doom, went to the Castle of Lions on Planet Arus, where they met Princess Allura and Coran and were designated as the Voltron Force.

Voltron Force[edit]

Hunk is a mechanic and Voltron Force member. His weapon is the claw hammer. Hunk is a member of Galaxy Garrison. His rank is Tech Sergeant

Voltron Legendary Defender[edit]

In Voltron: Legendary Defender he is of Samoan descent.[1][3][4][5]


In the 2011 Devil's Due comics the Keith character is referred to as Tsuyoshi "Hunk" Garrett.[6] The comic book version of Hunk depicts him as 24 and born to an American father and Japanese mother. His nickname "Hunk" comes from his 4 brothers, of whom he's ironically the smallest, despite his own great size. While his brothers sought activities to take advantage of their physical prowess such as football and sumo, Hunk found a knack for all things mechanical. He was not very social, though, and would spend most of his time tinkering in garage workshops. Later he put himself through college on the G.I. bill, and after gaining a Master's in engineering, he discovered the equipment that fascinated him most was military in nature. However, he remained rather anti-social, establishing himself as someone who it was unwise to harass, until he was approached by Colonel Hawkins to join a team of outcasts to search for the legendary robot Voltron on the distant planet Arus.


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