Huntsman (Cephalus)

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Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceKa-Zar Quarterly #1/2 (August, 1970)
Created byAllyn Brodsky
Frank Springer
In-story information
Alter egoCephalus
Team affiliationsOlympian Gods
Notable aliasesHuntsman of Zeus
AbilitiesSuperhuman strength and durability
Wields a javelin made of light that never misses a target
Via staff:
Energy projection
Illusion creation
Inter-dimensional travel
Ability to both inspire tremendous fear in gods and drain their powers on contact and summon or create duplicates of Greek Mythology creatures

The Huntsman is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is usually depicted as a tracker/hunter of the Olympian Gods for Zeus. Over the years he has appeared mainly as an enemy of Hercules.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The Huntsman was originally not based on any mythological character. He was subsequently revealed to be Cephalus, having been raised from the underworld to serve Zeus. In life he was considered the greatest hunter in the world. Eos (goddess of the dawn) gave him a magic javelin made of light that never missed its target. He mistakenly threw it at his wife while hunting one day, thinking she was an animal. Grief-stricken at her death he committed suicide but was raised to out of Tartarus to become the personal huntsman of Zeus.[1]

In his first appearance he was dispatched by Zeus to bring Hercules back to Olympus. Zeus was being deceived by Ares at this time. Huntsman raided Avengers Mansion and unleashed his Shadow Hound to attack Hercules, who managed to subdue it. After the Huntsman blasted the other Avengers unconscious, Hercules fled while stating that Huntsman was making him flee against his will.[2] While pursuing Hercules the Huntsman summoned some sirens to bring Namor under his control. After catching up with the Huntsman he summoned Polyphemus the Cyclops (who had a diamond in place of his blinded eye), Scylla (who was depicted as a rock monster), and Charybdis (who was depicted as a sea monster.) Hercules and Namor overpowered the three monsters before Huntsman attacked Hercules from behind. Namor knocked Huntsman's staff out of his hand and the three monsters vanished. Zeus then intervened and recalled the Huntsman, ending the battle. After having the memory of this event erased, Namor snapped the powerless staff of the Huntsman in half.[3]

Some time later, again at the instigation of Ares (as well as Hippolyta and Pluto), he was sent to Earth to retrieve Hercules and Venus in order to force them to marry Hippolyta and Ares. Huntsman even summoned the Titan Menoetius to help him. He initially succeeded in capturing them and defeating their allies the Champions, but in the final battle on Olympus itself he was knocked out by the Angel.[4]

Huntsman reappeared some decades later serving Hera. She sent him to kill Aegis, the hero blessed by the goddess Athena. Huntsman surprised him in his apartment and was able to turn the aegis breastplate against him. Thinking Athena would protect him, Aegis jumped out of the window and fell 12 stories to his death. Huntsman was then sent by Hera as part of her plan to lure Hercules and Athena into a trap using Aegis's body as bait. After luring in Athena, Hercules and Amadeus Cho, the trio are attacked by the Huntsman, Hera, Typhon, Delphyne Gorgon and Pluto. The battle was interrupted by the Dark Avengers, allowing Hercules and his friends to escape.[5] He was seen with the aegis in his possession and it was later revealed he had given it to Typhon.[6]

Hera and her allies ultimate plan was to remake the universe with a product called Continuum. Hercules led the Avengers in an assault on the Olympus Group Headquarters where the Huntsman stood sentry along with Argus. Huntsman fought Wolverine in the ensuing brawl and impaled him with his javelin.[7] He was defeated by Quicksilver, who stabbed him through the chest with his own weapon.[8]

Powers and abilities[edit]

During his mortal life, Huntsman was given a magic javelin as a gift from Eos, goddess of the dawn. He was raised out of Tartarus by Zeus and therefore has the superhuman strength and durability of an immortal god.

His staff gives him a wide range of abilities including inter-dimensional travel, energy blasts, and the ability to both inspire tremendous fear in gods and drain their powers on contact. His staff can also create convincing illusions and summon or create duplicates of Greek Mythology creatures (he must speak a rhyme in order to summon these creatures).

His javelin is made of light and never misses its target when thrown.


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