I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers

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I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers
Written byJohn Logan
CharactersSue Mengers
Date premiered24 April 2013
Place premieredBooth Theatre, New York
Original languageEnglish
SubjectSue Mengers

I'll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers is a 2013 American one-act play by John Logan, about the talent agent Sue Mengers.[1][2]


The debut 2013 American production starred Bette Midler.[3] The play, which cost $2.4 million to produce, was a hit.[4]

The Australian premiere of the play was a new Melbourne Theatre Company production in October 2014, starring Miriam Margolyes as Mengers and directed by Dean Bryant.[5]

Chinatown controversy[edit]

In the play, Mengers claims that Jane Fonda turned down the role of Evelyn in the 1974 film Chinatown, which ended up being a defining role for Faye Dunaway. In 2013, Fonda responded by saying that director Roman Polanski had never really offered her the part, and that it was written for Dunaway.[6]


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