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IGEP Technology

The IGEPv2 board is a low-power, fanless single-board computer based on the OMAP 3 series (also known as Cortex-A8) of ARM-compatible processors. It is developed and produced by Spanish corporation ISEE and is the second IGEP platform in the series. The IGEPv2 is open hardware, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 unported license.[1]

Board Specifications[edit]

Photo of the IGEPv2 Board
IGEPv2 Board

Similar products[edit]

  • Beagle Board - OMAP board from Texas Instruments and Digikey
  • OpenPandora - handheld game console that uses Texas Instruments OMAP3530 and DM3730
  • Gumstix overo - a similar single-board computer package that uses the OMAP3503 and the OMAP3530
  • OSWALD - OMAP3530 application developed by Oregon State University students for computer science education
  • EBVBeagle Board - Beagle Board clone from EBV Elektronik.
  • Empower Technologies's EMP3503 and EMP3530 - OMAP35x based single-board computers
  • FOX Board - a complete Linux system in just 66 x 72 mm, not OMAP based

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