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IONIS Education Group

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IONIS Education Group
Former la nouvelle intelligence des entreprises[1]
Motto in English
Train a new intelligence for business
ChancellorMarc Sellam
Vice-ChancellorFabrice Bardeche, Marc Drillech

IONIS Education Group is a private, for-profit, higher education group in France.[4] It was created in 1980[5] and by 2015 had more than 20,000 students and 62,000 alumni.[6] There are 22 further education colleges in the group.


Marc Sellam created the Institut supérieur européen de gestion group in Paris in 1980 as a business school with an organization and curriculum that differed from other grandes écoles.[7] During the 1980s regional colleges were created in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes and Lyon. In 1993 the Institut supérieur européen de formation par l'action business school (providing further education for three years after the Baccalauréat) was founded.[8]

In 1997, the group, originally named Intelsup,[9] bought a computer science college (the École pour l'informatique et les techniques avancées). In 1997 and 1998, the group bought the business school Institut supérieur de gestion and the aeronautical and space engineering college Institut polytechnique des sciences avancées.

In 1999, the group created the École pour l'informatique et les nouvelles technologies of practical computer science and in 2001 E-Artsup, a college for digital design and multimedia. The name IONIS Education Group was adopted in 2002, at which point all of its colleges offered five-year courses. In 2003 it entered the biotechnology sector with the Institut Sup'Biotech de Paris. ICS Begue, a 1957 accountancy college, was acquired in 2004 and the 1905 engineering college École spéciale de mécanique et électricité in 2006. During 2007 and 2008 regional colleges were opened in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy, Nantes, Nice, Montpellier, Strasbourg and Toulouse. In 2009, the group launched IONIS Executive Learning and the IONIS School of Technology and Management which provides technical and managerial training. In 2010, ISEG became three independent schools in finance, marketing - communication and business. In 2011 the Sup'Internet, an Internet college opened.[10]

In February 2013, the management of the group announced the projects for the next ten years. They are focused on four main areas: international development, social services, transversality and diversification.[11]

In September 2013 EPITECH will open a new campus in Beijing. In September 2014, the same university will open new campuses in California, United Kingdom and Spain. Also in 2014, ESME Sudria will also open a campus in Beijing and a new Mastère en sciences course in partnership with the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology. EPITA and Sup'Internet will also open news campuses abroad in 2014.[12]

Since September 2013, the École des technologies numériques appliquées will start a new program in 2 years after French Baccalauréat which will be entirely free. 250 tickets are available. The innovation is that there are graduate students who will pay for the students in training (250 euros per month during three years).[13]

For people without the Baccalauréat, a new campus of the Web@cademie will open in Lyon in September 2013.[14] The year 2013 will see the new financial endowment of the group. It has the ambitious to launch new school in the areas of luxury, design and fashion.[15] It also wants to develop day release or night school education for employees provided by companies by developing programs based on the 14 Masters of Business Administration of IONIS School of Technology and Management and the 11th of the ISG Business School.[16]

In February 2014, a new business school specialized in luxury, fashion and design called Moda Domani Institute is opened.[17]

In September 2014, a new digital and innovative campus will open in Paris (Le Marais-Bastille) bringing together the Institut supérieur européen de gestion group, Sup'Internet and E-Artsup.[18]

Member schools


ICS Bégué

ICS Bégué
ICS Bégué logo.png
MottoThe major university for accountancy
TypePrivate accounting school
DeanSiham Ben Salem
CampusParis, Lyon

ICS Bégué is a French private accounting university located in Paris and Lyon.[19] It was created in 1957 and is member of the IONIS Education Group.[20] The school is recognized by the French State.[21] ICS Bégué was created in 1957 in Paris.[21] In 2012, the school had around 5,000 alumni.[22]


Education solutions


The Fondation IONIS ("IONIS Foundation") is an independent administrative agency which was established by IONIS Education Group,[23] in an effort to stimulate and foster the growth of research and social diversity in France and abroad.


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