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Ian David Patrick Macpherson, 3rd Baron Strathcarron (born 31 March 1949 in London, England) is a British peer, Baron Strathcarron of Banchor[1] and inherited the title on the death of his father David William Anthony Blyth Macpherson, 2nd Baron Strathcarron on 31 August 2006.[2]


Lord Strathcarron's early education was at Hill House School, before attending Horris Hill and then Eton College; after Eton, he would go on to Grenoble University.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Lord Strathcarron married the former Gillian Rosamund Allison (born: 15 September 1946) in 1974 and they have two children, the Honourable Sophie Ananda Macpherson (born: 14 April 1978) and the Honourable Rory David Alisdair Macpherson (born: 15 April 1982)[3].


Lord Strathcarron spent ten years in the Orient working for Time-Life as a freelance journalist and copywriter. In 1970, he founded the Japan Europa Press Agency in Tokyo and sold it in 2006.[citation needed]

He became a partner in Strathcarron & Company[4] in 1974, and a founder and Director of Global Alliance Automotive Ltd, a transnational version of Strathcarron & Company in 1993.[5] In 1995, he founded Strathcarron Sports Cars plc,[6] manufacturers of sports/racing cars and since 2006 he has been a trustee and director of the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.[7]

He is Chairman and Commissioning Editor of Unicorn Publishing Group LLP,[8] a cultural and military history publishing company, Chairman of Sophie Macpherson Ltd,[9] a fine arts recruitment and consultancy company, and Chairman of Play Associates Ltd.,[10] an interior design company, and a director of Art World Alliance Ltd.,[11] a grouping of UK art industry companies. In 2018, he founded the transmedia production company Affable Media Ltd.[12]

Media works[edit]

Lord Strathcarron is a student of Advaita Vedanta and has written of his experiences in non-duality in the books Living with Life[13] and Mysticism and Bliss.[14] He is also the author of two spy thriller novels for Troubador: Invisibility, and Black Beach.[15]

In 2009, he recreated Lord Byron's 1809–1811 Grand Tour of the Mediterranean for the book Joy Unconfined! Lord Byron's Grand Tour Re-Toured published by Signal Books,[16] an imprint of Christopher Hurst.

In 2010, he completed the first part of a Mark Twain travel trilogy based on Twain's 1867 tour of the Holy Land, resulting in the book Innocence & War: Mark Twain's Holy Land Revisited published in 2012 in the US by Dover Publications and in the UK by Signal Books. The second part of the trilogy, recreating Mark Twain's 1896 lecture tour of India for the book The Indian Equator; Mark Twain's India Revisited published in 2014 in the US by Dover Publications[17] and in the UK by Signal Books.[18] The final part of the trilogy, Heart of Lightness, Mark Twain's Mississippi Revisited, will be about Mark Twain's final steamboat journey up the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Hannibal, Missouri and his subsequent short career in the American Civil War.

In 2016, Unicorn Press published his biography of Sir Francis Chichester, Never Fear: Reliving the Life of Sir Francis Chichester.[19]

In 2017, Unicorn Press published his art book about the painter Sophie Walbeoffe, Painting with Both Hands.[20]

In 2018, Affable Media published his fictional biography, Crikey! How Did That Happen? The Refreshingly Unauthorised Biography of Sir Bertram Wooster, KG.[21]

In 2019, Affable Media produced his video, Confessions of a Publisher: It Doesn't Have To Be Like This, But Somehow It Just Is.[22]

Interests and hobbies[edit]

An ex-Yachtmaster Instructor, Lord Strathcarron is an Honorary Life Member of the Royal Bombay Yacht Club, a member of the Royal Cruising Club[23] and the Royal Yacht Squadron.[24][circular reference]

In 2012, he qualified as a civil and commercial mediator with the Civil Mediation Council.[25] In 2013, he qualified as a Restorative Justice practitioner, registered with the Restorative Justice Council.[26] He is also the vice-chair and a trustee of The Society of Mediators.[27]


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